Thursday, June 13, 2019

Peruse the Box Score for Hours

  • Well, let me put this me at the top instead of yesterday's me
  • Dennis the Peasant, complicit fuck
  • Trump broke kayfabe, he didn’t say anything anyone didn’t know was is and will be standard operating procedures, he tweeted
  • I don't even bother hating motherfucking professional democrats any more, he tweeted
  • Whose posterity is it?
  • The hitlerization of Corbyn
  • Confessions of a climate activist 
  • Propaganda is the root of our all problems
  • Yes, my goddamn free-blogging platform fucks with font size when I fuck with font size, it's been months since I fucked around in settings hope it will be months more before I do, but bigger now, less smaller
  • The next Pere Ubu album is the last Pere Ubu album?
  • Blessed Serendipity, I saw an Ubu tweet this morning after writing in tablet last night how I haven't listened to Kate Bush or Pere Ubu in months, the two permanent members of My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game, and have no desire not to but have no desire to.
  • I'm also eighty pages from the end of a novel in which every character I love I'm certain is gonna die, so there's that.
  • Old Pere Ubu:


Tom Clark

Every day I peruse the box scores for hours   
Sometimes I wonder why I do it
Since I am not going to take a test on it   
And no one is going to give me money
The pleasure’s something like that of codes   
Of deciphering an ancient alphabet say   
So as brightly to picturize Eurydice
In the Elysian Fields on her perfect day
The day she went 5 for 5 against Vic Raschi

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  1. i looked at the 'elitism for the people' piece about understanding pere ube

    some things i noticed

    it begins with a section about bob dylan - as i recall you - o. of egoslavia - are not a dylan fan

    the essay is long

    i watched dave thomas speak about the cup - it reminded me of chapter 11 of the tao te ching - stephen mitchell's version is

    We join spokes together in a wheel,
    but it is the center hole
    that makes the wagon move. We shape clay into a pot,
    but it is the emptiness inside
    that holds whatever we want. We hammer wood for a house,
    but it is the inner space
    that makes it livable. We work with being,
    but non-being is what we use.

    on another topic - with respect to trump's breaking of kayfabe - in response to the daily mail's 'I think I'd take it': Trump admits he WOULD listen if foreign actors offered dirt on his political opponents ahead of the 2020 election

    i commented

    some people think that the president should obey the law - apparently trump disagrees - who among us has not violated some unreasonable law at some time or other? - there but for fortune go you or i

    right now that comment has 9 up votes, 31 down votes