Thursday, July 25, 2019

I Know Someone Who Is Alive Somewhere

  • High Egoslavian Holy Days imminent!
  • The weirdest thing as I pavlov my way to new twaater treats is I can't picture in my mind what it looked like yesterday
  • Life in the I...what?... sorryocene
  • Three months ago I thought I'd be hiking White Mountains RIGHT NOW! as I type this sentence
  • There will no photos from Maine this year, enjoy the reprieve

  • Two o'clock two nights ago My Least Favorite Cat Ever earned a four foot soft toss from waist-level to living room rug, landed on all four, collapsed and screamed, held her left back leg at an 90 degree angle impossible without fracture or dislocation, we rush her to 24 hour vet at Rockville Pike and Nicholson, one xray and $500 later she worked us, doopty-doo
  • fine metaphors abound, but worth the money, the vinegar and baking soda in my head at what I can't talk about here foamed and gone
  • Not that I'll resort to cat-tossing again - even though Jess is fine and it wasn't an angry toss the horror I felt towards myself, cleansing, clarifying - but it works much better at curing the bends than hating motherfucking Democrats
  • Here's one hint of upcoming Holy Days


Mary Ruefle

The white spot to the upper life
which looks like a pith plug
in a peeled orange is the crater Tycho.
I have never been there. Perhaps one day
you will. I saw many jackets in the coatroom
but none of them were his. I know someone
who is alive somewhere.
It is embarrassing to be alive.
Sometimes you have to stand out on the street
and look upwards, and then you have to pretend
the stone at your feet
is not an object of observation,
when it is.


  1. May have to report you to the ASPCD(-ems).

  2. 1)that cat photo has colorful eyes

    2)i went to one grateful dead show, in california in 1991 - by attending i realized that for many of those present it was a religious experience

    2a)from one of my favorite songs of theirs - 'throwing stones' -

    Shipping powders back and forth
    Singing "black goes south and white comes north"

    2c)and speaking of going north and south - while browsing in anticipation of my trip to the old country [canada] next week i discovered that changes in canadian law in the last few years mean that i 'probably' have inherited canadian citizenship from my father

    i have begun the process of gathering the paperwork necessary to receive my certificate of citizenship - once i have that, will i get a canadian passport? will i move to canada? will i renounce my u.s. citizenship for tax reasons, as tina turner has done? maybe, maybe not - we'll know more later

    4)speaking of maine, i still love andy pratt's 'deer song'