Monday, July 15, 2019

Vibrations of Division

  • I wrote on Saturday night:
  • It's not a coincidence the dueling weekend firestorms
  • Democratic Civil War versus 
  • Pence Prison Tour versus 
  • Child Sex Ring Master with blackmail on everyone who matters and.....
  • it's Democratic Civil War for the win
  • it's Sunday night as I type this, above old news (except Democratic Civil War, ordered for all screens)
  • Some of you have seen this recent Planet photo of Olive

  • There it is again
  • I am telling you three times: a Confederate flag draped Mike Pence could machine gun 50 Honduran children in a Texas cage but *one* masked skateboarder throw a milk shake on Rod Dreher...
  • The problem with neoliberal triumphalism
  • United States of Fascism Hysteria
  • Saturday with Earthgirl for her good friend's mother's memorial
  • I promise you trees talk to each other and I insist rocks are alive
  • you Christians, even good ones, you all are batshit crazy as me



Tom Raworth

joined harmonising the best
so it needn’t wait
phrase: the question are you sure?
hanging three feet off the ground
silent, absolutely quiet
headquarters – we travelled north
clawing back small shelter
hung with screaming
on the same rig
blended in enthusiasm
as the race approached
through cracks in snow
free-falling into mind
alive with brightness shivering
instantly into sleep
changed, re-formed
they run, they run
with madness into chutes
of changed values
all of them conventional
vibrations of division
dare to refuse the glass
lazily through long green
discrete landing sites
to a transmitting unit
over the protective line
wave patterns in space
form black against
sifted patches of moonlight
birds move in the dark
their faint contours
singing small notes
to the rhythm of a train
so empty at this hour
silence in between
contains the words
things whiz past
once more
the sound of calculation
by indirect means
receives its full due
along the wet pavement
human flesh
fallen in all directions
to fresh eyes
something to do with the sky
senselessly dishevelled
resolves and fixes
the foundation
desirable to guard against
relative soundness of approach
including human shapes
used by the dealer
connecting them
to a sense of common
unforeseeable properties of relics
considered in place
so deceptive
their firesides play
optimism for its object
without arousing
constitutional tradition
beyond the rules of the game
hailstones imagine
moist sea air
disordered beyond it rise
drearier philosophies
to resist retrogression
faster than anything
directly stimulating receptors
attention moves
many possible representations
inside the heart
decayed into blackness
fine details of the scene
creep along for years
hard to become
immune to a predator
silhouettes of participants
dangle in their own data
faint green clouds
in almost pure alcohol
calibrate the equipment
to assume a more personal form
susceptible to psychic influences
does not contempt breed
often in disguise?
slipping past a window
on communal stairs
into faded yellow
flashed with orange
slanting through smoke
swished into a perfect dome
dissatisfied when calm returns
centered around a food animal
mastery of areas
managed to neutralise
subjects into waves
to destroy communication
more easily on scanty pasture 


  1. 0) that's a good-looking cat

    0.5)your remark addressed at christians resonated with something that has recently been crossing my mind - am i a christian or not?

    in a certain sense i am a "practicing catholic" - more specifically i rehearse (practice) and sing catholic songs at mass, and otherwise follow the customs on those occasions

    and yet i have mental reservations, doubting and even denying certain assertions in the verbal formulae associated with these events

    i console myself with the thought that jesus was not a christian, and buddha was not a buddhist

    the universe is here on purpose, humankind potentially has some connection with that purpose, one can improve one's ability to perceive and intentionally further that purpose in the time and place one finds oneself in - do these ideas make sense? compared to what? even if it looks like our local experiment is about to run into a brick wall at full speed? and yet, as lawrence berra could have said, one never knows when something surprising might happen

    'tis a puzzlement

    0.83)i guess i'm a christian in much the same way i'm a democrat - not that there's anything wrong with that

  2. I try to swim anywhere from 2/3 to 1 mile once a week. TBH goggles are essential.
    re: Dem "Civil War" kabuki kayfabe: one no longer hears about how "liberal" or "socialist" Pelosi is leading one to suspect use of freshman "stalking horses" drawing right wing fire to normalize the increasingly progressive tilt of the mainstream, a trap Trump tweet bought into hook line & sinker this weekend. You can't complain about how liberal Pelosi is when you're attacking Omar, AOC, Pressley, etc. They provide cover: it's in the job description. Words don't matter except to the exquisitely tuned ears of Beltway insider types and their followers (hint: that's you and most of your readers, btw). These skirmishes are staged—says someone who has no idea what he's talking about other than observation.