Sunday, August 4, 2019

This Bombfall Failed in Its Intent: Having None, I Won't

  • Imagine the noise if a 21 year old black man with a Kill-Ofay manifesto in his pocket massacred two dozen white people at a Walmart
  • What stands out about the current era of Democratic politicians is their unwillingness to make GOP shamelessness a major daily screaming fit issue. Gives game away
  • See above
  • New York Times columnists will insist my calling the cracker a cracker more influential on the mental state of the cracker than the Cracker Chow cracker ingests like Jem H'Dar white 
  • No major media will mention the dual wonder of immigration crises, how our sociopath rulers use fear of immigrants to separate left economic populism from right economic populism but just as important for the greedy fucks illegal immigrants suppress wages
  • Reminder: our sociopath rulers are deliberately killing the world for profit and soon it will be illegal to say so
  • A friend at work says she's pregnant, she's as or more left than me and gloomier about the future than me, I don't know her enough to ask Huh?
  • Reminder: every post but two a year tagged My Complicity
  • Reminder: my daughter will be my age in 2053
  • First crackershooter since Trump turned up the crackerstatic, this might stay in the news cycle all the way to Monday
  • My friend's child (they don't want to know! the only way to go!) will be my friend's age in 2050
  • Wake up Sunday morning, turn on laptop, O, another mass shooting late last night, yawn
  • I will be 91 in 2050, I know Earth will survive (and recover, then get pets), but who will die first, me or the world? 

  • This guy goes on walks with us at night around the neighborhood. Two, three miles
  • I adopt cats knowing the end ouch of the special ones, and as soon as we retire we'll adopt a dog for that ouch too
  • We are finally returning to woods, we were in the woods again yesterday, the day we would have been flying home from Acadia


Bill Knott

Without any necessity to name it or anything,
I remember this bombcrater before it held a garden.
Once I saw children kneel down there to pray for pardon
At an altar on which a little toll-money rolled laughing.

Swift suedes of evening, night's purple peltdown.
I don't have to invoke the past; it's not required.
I'll just settle here stolid like a stopsign repeating
The word I stand for - sit and let my tired feet hang

Over the lip of this pit-deep garden whose intricate
Vines query up to me. Quiet from the town I can hear
Orphans rattling the gravel on their plates and or

Other faux pas I'm under no order to enumerate, - 
Jet-lag of angels, a snake, faintings on summer pavements,
This bombfall failed in its intent: having none, I won't.


  1. 0)that's a good-looking cat

    1)i was struck by this in one of the things you linked to -

    A window was broken. The window is broken.

    2) parataxis/syntaxis/hypotaxis - i had to look them up

    3) on tv today i saw someone say - the u.s. has the same mental illness rate as other similar countries -- there are more gun killings because there are more guns - it makes a sort of sense as an explanatory concept, but the idea that you are going to reduce the number of guns by taking them away from people - a concrete action - makes less sense - like the maine native told the tourist who was asking directions, you can't get there from here

    as the maine native might have said upon further inquiry, you have to go somewhere else first

    4)and speaking of northern regions, there are a number of vineyards in the areas surrounding the town where several of my canadian cousins live - missus charley [who did not accompany me on my recent trip] was interested to learn this because of the implication of a relatively temperate climate, contrary to her earlier impression of 'the great white north'

  2. speaking of intentional bombfalls, there's this, reviewing truman's decision to use the a-bomb and considering whether trump may do so - let's hope note, but sometimes surprising things happen -

  3. Re: "21 year old black man with a Kill-Ofay manifesto"

    My casual etymology for "Ofay" = It's Pig Latin.