Sunday, September 1, 2019

Gurgling and Trampling, Thistle-Choked, Stinging

  • I breathlessly await in-depth analysis on cracker-on-cracker violence from the Post's and NYT's court jesters, I typed last night onto twooter
  • sheeyit, I'm starting yoga two weeks from Wednesday, *I* think that first step in training for hand-to-hand
  • Balance, physical balance, crossing more than three steps wide streams on rock fords, I'm better fuck it now than ever but let my left side which will never be equal with right be leftest in can be
  • We went back to Rachel Carson Conservatory in Unity, the River Otter Trail over Hawlings River's rock ford washed away, I'm not ready for a three foot leap between wet rocks when I don't know the stability of the landing rock
  • Still great, all I want to do is:


Jorie Graham

here. Have been for centuries. No, longer. Everything already has
been. It’s not a reasonable place, this continuum between us, and yet
here again I put the olive trees in, turn the whole hill-sweeping grove down, its
mile-long headfuls of leaves upswept so the whole valley shivers its windy silvers,

watery ... A strange heat is upon us. Again. That was you thinking that. I suggested it.
Maybe the wind did. We both put in the horizon line now, the great loneliness, its
grip, chaos recessed but still there. After finitude you shall keep coming toward me
it whines, whitish with non-disappearance. We feel the same about this. The same

what? We feel is there more. That’s the default. We want to live with the unknown in
front of us. Receding, always receding. A vanishing moving over it all. A sleepy
vacancy. It’s the sky, yes, but also this thinking. As from the start, again, here I am,
a mind alone in the fields. The sheep riding and falling the slants of earth. The

sleepiness a no-good god come to assume we are halfwits, tending, sleepy, the
animals gurgling and trampling, thistle-choked, stinging. A dove on a stone. No sky
to speak of, the god lingers, it wants to retire, it thinks this is endgame, what
could we be — mist about to dry off, light about to wipe a wall for no reason, that

random. This must have been way BC. Or is it 1944. Surely in 2044 we shall be
standing in the field again, tending, waiting to surprise the god who thinks he knows
what he’s made. Well no. He does not know. We might be a small cavity but it
guards a vast hungry — how bad does that hurt you, fancy maker — you have no idea

what we turned our back on to come be in this field of earth and tend — yes tend —
these flocks of minutes, whispering till the timelessness in us is wrung dry and we
are heavied with endgame. Have I mentioned the soul. How we know you hustled
that in, staining all this flesh with it, rubbing and swirling it all over inside with

your god-cloth. Rinse. Repeat. Get this — here with this staff which soon I shall turn
into a pen again — brilliantly negligent, diligent, inside all this self truly formless — I
hear the laughter of the irrigation ditch I’ve made, I see the dry field blonde-up and
green, day smacks its lips, they are back, the inventors, they are going to do it

again, sprinkle-seed, joker rain coming to loosen it all. How many lives will we be
given, how many will we trade in for this — it comes in bushels, grams, inches, notes,
crows watch over it all as they always have, come back from the end of time to caw
it into its redo again. Cherish us. Will not stop. Nothing to show for it but doing. The

flock runs across as the dog chases and I walk slowly. I admire what I own what I am
and I think the night is nothing, the stars click their ascent, I feel it rise in me, the
word, I feel the skull beneath this skin, I feel the skin slick and shine and hide the
skull and it is from there that it rises now, I taste it before I say it, this song.


  1. that's a good looking cat

    those are good looking plants and insects

    i miss fafblog

    i'm going to miss bob marbourg - although not a lifetime dmver, my most recent stint here began in the previous millennium, and counting all episodes it's about forty percent

    over the weekend i gave brother and brother's son each a copy of bill mckibben's book falter - i'm about to send them a link of the author talking on tv - in april, with amy goodman -

  2. Fifty years ago in October, I did the hand to hand training thing. Not all it's cracked to be.

    Keep thinking about the character 'E. Eastman' in That Zombie Program -- he appeared in one episode as a forensic psychiatrist who turned to aikido as a way of saying, I will not kill anyone, but will not allow myself or anyone else to be killed. It strikes me that yoga, aside from all its potential benefits, is one step in that same general direction. But, what do I know.

  3. And, FYI, though you're probably aware of it already: