Sunday, September 22, 2019

I Wish I Could Count Up to One Without First Cutting Off Nine of My Fingers

  • I replied to a twitter eminence's tweet re: Death of Nog, I typed and sent it spontaneously because serendipitously Nog's dad Rom had been discussed jokingly earlier this week re: Bashir and why isn't important
  • Re: addressing twitter eminences see post title
  • Said twitter eminence (who did me a Kind back in 2009, 20K pings in an hour from one bump on his blog) et al all super-anti-pelosi blurting
  • That Trump didn't ask Ukraine to investigate Bernie Sanders tells you everything you already know
  • that is, don't tweet at my twitter eminences, jeffass

Bill Knott
I wish I could count
up to one without
first cutting off
nine of my fingers