Friday, November 29, 2019

clocks = hooks

  • Impeachment, I said to my disenchanted motherfucking Democrat friend past Tuesday Night Pints, proof positive motherfucking Democrats will do anything to keep Trump president
  • Flint still doesn't have clean water
  • That uplifting tweet
  • Almost finished with Rusty Brown, I like, am not going to obsess over graphic novels (but not for the reason I thought I wouldn't) 
  • My father's brother at my father's sister's Thanksgiving meal yesterday, I see him at wedding and funerals usually, my father moved us to rising middle class Montgomery County in 1964, my father's brother moved his family to working class Cleveland, there's a reason every post but two a year tagged My Complicity, it is also a self-portrait w turban


Tim Atkins

float = obliquities
still = come
herbs = Arc
clocks = hooks


  1. speaking of the settler mindset - earlier this afternoon i watched a rick steves program on a local pbs station - in 2014 he visited israel - he quoted the zionist slogan 'a land without a people for a people without a land', and then remarked that this was inaccurate - palestinians were in fact already living in the 'holy land' when this slogan was coined

    my own ancestors were settlers, in areas now part of this nation and also the one to the north - how much do they differ in mindset? you could read

    in general, on both the individual and group level, it seems to me there is no justice in this life - one might find it in the next, or the one after that

    spouse's niece's husband, visiting for the weekend with his family, a nice guy in many ways, remarked yesterday that our president is a great supporter of the military and public safety personnel - i did not dispute this assertion

    on the other hand, the 'bernie 2016' magnetic sticker is still displayed on our refrigerator

    at the korean supermarket* today the only words exchanged by the cashier and i were in spanish - the sign over the fresh coriander i bought identified it as 'cilantro' and 'chinese parsley'


  2. "in general, on both the individual and group level, it seems to me there is no justice in this life -"

    MC! As with "meaning" in this Life, we need but make our own Justice... just be sure that in whatever proximate sphere you have influence within, you press for justice! If you do this all day, most every day, there won't be enough gaps in the schedule for the injustices of "the world" to slip through! (Well, except on those dreadful occasions when it slithers through the letter box).

    Re. The Rolling Stone "report" on Russian Intelligence trolling: the irony! The entire Web was put in place to surveil, manipulate and monetize the individual psyches of the planet Earth, and Rolling Stone (now a part of that machine, if wasn't always) is sounding the alarm that Russkies are siphoning off a tenth of a per cent of that precious Psychic Crude Oil for their own nefarious purposes! You know there's something seriously wrong when the effing "Rolling Stone" itself (the traditional surface for combing out those collegiate pot seeds in the '70s) deploys the vintage G-man term "foreign adversary"!

    "Disinformation operations aren’t typically fake news or outright lies. Disinformation is most often simply spin."