Friday, November 15, 2019

not-the-best-shoes-ever not-the-shoes-that-looked-like-art

  • Might not be futile weekend blogging here, my pc I think finally needs the windowsectomy and windows resurrection Dell has been telling me only fix for my inability to turn my computer off or get updates
  • yesterday's huge windows update dump froze and I barely got the machine to recover after trying a hard reboot at the hour make of the blue screen telling windows preparing update DO NOT TURN OFF COMPUTER (UPDATE: not
  • fixed but better, kept Dell out of it, windows guy at windows store said it's hardware not windows, worked the update dump through hardwares's bowels)
  • There's a reason every post but two a year are tagged my complicity
  • Meanwhile, (above piece bigger here) I'm full of things I can't talk about here but - get this - some of them are good, wonderful even
  • I can say I'm leaving in moments to pick up one of the two people whose birthdays on blog are not tagged my complicity at BWI, we're Thanksgiving dinnering this weekend, so (UPDATE! I'll 
  • add links as I see them and birthdays if I find them)


Anne Boyer

I offered his virus to the mechanized virus reader. It had many functions, among these the one that translated “virus” into “sick room architectures.” Thus the design specs for his recovery: a 15 × 15 outdoor room with a perimeter of medium-height pines, inside of these pines a hospital bed and an eight-foot flat-screen T V.
“at first it appeared that she was weeping so that I might change my mind and buy the $44 shoes, but soon she was unable to stop weeping. she refused to try on other shoes in other stores even though the shoes she wore were too small and had recently been in a mud puddle. she could see how even not-the-best-shoes-ever not-the-shoes-that-looked-like-art would be better than dirty ill-fitting shoes, but she could not stop weeping. we walked through stores while she wept. we sat in the middle of the mall while she wept. we went to a discount store, and I told her I would just pick out shoes for her because she wept too much to try on shoes. she wept in the discount store. she wasn’t weeping by design. she couldn’t stop weeping, then she stopped weeping a little and we found some brown sneakers for $44 on clearance.  in the car I wanted to weep, too, but she said to me ‘I am still a child and am learning to control my impulses and emotions. you have had many years of dreams and realities to learn from so there is no excuse for you to cry.’ she paused. ‘do you have enough dreams?’ she finally asked.”


  1. So sorry about your kitty. Don't know if you saw the pic of me dancing with Wisdaughter. Friend said: "Kaiser Franz Josef dancing with Sisi!"
    Do's: Riley, Hannah, Ballard. Thanks. Also, mend link to "frequency, Kenneth".

    1. O! no! in heaven Planet's home. Fleabus spry.

  2. that's a good looking watercolor

    that's a good looking cat - the photo reminds me of the joy i sometimes felt when i had feline companonship

    i don't recall having heard of the valdai discussion club before

    here's an interview of an iranian-american poet, translator, ghost writer and editor that uses two phrases i didn't recall encountering before - "third culture kid" - which has a wikipedia entry - and "gonzo anthropology" - which doesn't

  3. Thankee (no pkg yet).

    "Do you have enough dreams?" may be one of the key questions of the age, if by 'dreams' we could mean creative and healing aspirations.

    1. Library won't mail to a business and I haven't got to UPS store yet, apologies. Soon.