Monday, November 25, 2019

There's More Water in the Creek Than I've Ever Seen

  • I don't know why we just haven't hiked Seneca Greenway in at least a year we did yesterday yay!

  • On the Seneca Ridge Trail, on other side of Seneca than Seneca Greenway
  • An excellent loop with Seneca Greenway except that dodging SUVs on 118 a fifth of a mile necessary between Seneca Ridge Trail and Greenway
  • Seneca Ridge Trail built by and for mountain bikers as is apparently Schaeffer Farm Park which we haven't hiked in half a dozen years
  • So this is a deleted bleggalgaze and deleted tabletgaze (with deleted latest paoretm) (deleted I-don't-know-what-to call-them too) and solely a link carrier, though Seneca Creek was bankful and rushing 
  • Seneca Creek, why the hell haven't we been hiking the Greenway, the lower twelve miles from Riffle Ford Road to Seneca Aqueduct, the upper 10 miles from Brink to Woodfield?


Dean Young

The mountain thinks it’s the same
without you but it’s wrong. Maybe
the same stars whisking themselves
further off, the darker the brighter,
same chamomile crushed underfoot
but the little, wiry dog we loved
has preceded us into paradise, not
that I expect to join her even though
my own crappy heart’s worse, running’s
out but I may be finally learning how
to sit in a chair. I still don’t know
what to call the good morning bird
although whatever word’d be no truer
than manzanita. I think namelessness
has a crush on me, on how clean
I keep my room, the usual stunned
ruckus of wake up. But it’s a different
moon, different woman on the hotel balcony
yet the same kinda scary, vacant stare,
caryatid foreseeing what? Before
turning back to the customary, immaculate
vacation squalor inside. The cash machine
still says “enter to exit” but there’s
more water in the creek than I’ve ever seen,
the brighter the darker, in that first dream
there was none.


  1. 1)those are good looking hats

    2)missus charley and i drive beside seneca creek at least twice a week - i noted yesterday that there was a lot of water

    3)yesterday we were on our way to a celebration of the feast of christ the king - the priest reminded us that baptism makes each of us a priest, prophet, and king

    later i remarked to spouse that there is a seeming contradiction between being a priest, prophet, and king, and being treated like a child and always being told what to do

    4)in general, though, i suffer so much and complain so little

  2. good news! climate change isn't apocalyptic - reports of future demise have been greatly exaggerated, it says in this article from forbes