Friday, January 24, 2020

Loudspeakers Disappearing into a Hidden Gulag

  • Everybody carpet-bombing Sanders helping Sanders, I said last night at not Thursday Night Pints, Thursday Night Pints is dead though last night was Thursday and I had a pint at a table where three others had pints 
  • It's pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring training for carpet-bombing Sanders season to re-gag a metaphor I bump relentlessly, I said
  • Consider the noise if Sanders wins Iowa then New Hampshire then South Carolina Hoowee!
  • if you don't want that noise you're no fun (two of three are no fun)
  • Confession: I don't hate Radiohead though don't post Radiohead here, it's Radiohead imitators, like Ashbery's, that fart

  • and someone I'd never met wearing a Radiohead hoodie sitting opposite of me at a Tombs table said huh and I said I am learning not to explain, and the two people I knew before the pints who are gleefully embracing their motherfucking Democrats apostasies (if one of them not crazy sandering) grateful I explained
  • I am witnessing apostasies, I said, wait for the BIG OBAMAPOSTASY after Sanders wins Iowa then New Hampshire then South Carolina (or even as early as post-Iowa, pre-New Hampshire (or even as early as pre-Iowa as motherfucking Obama's motherfucking surrogates already shouting Obama hates Bernie)) (nobody at the table but me old enough to have got a Bridget Loves Bernie allusion so I kept it to myself)
  • Sanders wom't win Iowa then New Hampshire then South Carolina, I said, it's against DNC rules, but shazam, if
  • Insubordination on Capitalism's flagship, not permitted, mutiny not permitted, peasant revolution, ofay opscay rapid militarized against, I said
  • I'm not pro-Sanders, I said, I'm crazy for pissing off crazy anti-Bernies
  • Crazy Bernie, I said, I for one will attend his grand opening of the first gulag for mnuchins, bells on


Amanda Calderon

It was a party
Built for the minuscule elite
Lost amid acres of scuffed marble, wanderers
Newspapers & schoolwork
People knew
To speak in surreal, mechanical hyperbole
Government, of course
Monuments, behemoths
Of relative luxury
I know what you want to ask
I want you to take the truth to the world
Down in the city, loudspeakers
Disappearing into a hidden gulag
Centuries ago
The monks appeared
Every morning in the lobbies of our hotels
A minder was beside them
The monks followed us out into the parking lot


  1. Barack Obama 'thinks Bernie Sanders is both tempermentally and politically unfit to be the Democrat nominee to beat Trump and he may soon PUBLICLY denounce the socialist firebrand'

    may the creative forxes of the universe sand beside us and guide us through the Night with the Light from Above

    and have mercy on our souls, if any

  2. Evidently Bernie has already pledged support to whoever wins the Dem nomination. Bow wow. Good dog, roll over, now play dead. Now for a rousing chorus of Bringing in the Sheep. It's interesting that this dumb fuck Democratic Party has gone so far to the right that even an old fashioned New Deal Democrat like Bernie is too far to the left. This is the Obama, Clinton legacy.