Tuesday, February 18, 2020

of disappearing disease in the way of our kind

  • Long time no word tablet
  • not because long weekend 
  • I write in word tablet at home 
  • Not because Planet home for short weekend 
  • I write in word tablet when Planet's home 
  • Not because I write clusterbarkduh there 
  • 2nd clusterbarkduh there transfer here
  • I delete 9/10ths clusterbarkduh here
  • lost palimpsests worriless
  • no palimpsests of clusterbarkduh in word tablet
  • I'm not writing in word tablet now because I'm sideways, more fun than not
  • I'm not writing in word tablet now because I can draw better how I feel with clusterbarkduh's reprogramming nyrtzing my private sideways 
  • bwrtzing working for rich fucks but NOT FOR ME or rather Planet and any children she has, I'm set, so complicit, than I can or want to write now
  • astonishing since I think I can write and know I can't draw

  • I do got Dr Sevrin ears, see bullet below, in above I cut them off (bigger, better @ PoJ)
  • Did you notice I changed some images in the blogrolls, I especially like the new Mocomofo
  • Old tricks are for me but thank you if you like
  • I'm murnaning again, I by no mean think he'd fart in my direction but bullets here started in significant part because I want to write Murnane sentences and almost can
  • Shitlords and festerers and jesters oh my instead of sociopath overlords, motherfucking professional Democrats, and jesters, oK?
  • I said to Planet during giftmas visit I want a month totally cut off, eating good hiking lots sure, but cut off, zip digital
  • she's yup
  • Neither of us mentioned it this visit home


David Baker

Where do you suppose
they’ve gone the bees now

that you don’t see them
anymore four-winged

among flowers     low
sparks in the clover

even at nightfall
are they fanning have

they gone another
place blued with pollen

stuck to their bristles
waiting beyond us

spring dwindle is what
we call it collapsing

“high levels in pneu-

matic corn exhaust”
loss of habitat

or disappearing
disease in the way

of our kind      so to speak
what do you think

they would call it
language older than

our ears were they
saying it all along

even at daybreak —


  1. I like them all, but especially appreciate that 2020 February 15 from the IGDSE series has received residence in the rolls.

  2. speaking changes in the environment, like fewer bees -


    1. alternatively, maybe something like this, with the air cleaner than before the industrial revolution


  3. Mini Ice Age: