Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I Have Dream After Dream and Forget Each One

If you think I'm crazy angry about motherfucking Democrats you should talk to my daughter who, unlike me below, does not have Dr Sevrin ears, nor the awareness this is Duh if not the sense I don't have to cease enjoying the crazy anger, give her a few years, she'll still be crazy angry too


Matthew Zapruder

Often I have an idea and say it immediately.
If people praise me I wear the world
shyly on top of my head.
At times I'm compelled
like a fever to float
without any distinctions,
a sea of tin cans, love letters and greed.
The world is good for my pleasure and consumption.
I admire it totally, it stands
like a mountain inside and outside me.
Some art may be good, some dishonest.
There's no pressing need for conscription or liberty,
though a carful of people rides down the highway
too fast, clouded in song.
My lack of compassion astounds me,
and must not come to know itself.
It's true, I've never done anything
quite like striking you across the face.
There is of course the question of fate,
and whether it can be angered.
Example: when not overpowered by grief
there are proper and improper ways to mourn.
In such cases my gestures are shadows
cast far from myself
by one who crawls through the library,
touching the books that she touched.
I have dream after dream and forget each one.


  1. 0)

    i like the colours - i am reminded of the mix of frozen sweet pepper strips sold by trader joe's under the product name Mélange À Trois


    i too doubt the probability of a biden presidency - we'll know more later


    Have pity cried the Protestant preacher
    Listen to these lonesome words I sell
    From inside the fire someone is trying to reach you
    The secret is - but only time can tell
    The secret is - but only time will tell


  2. in a seach for something tatesque i got to

    Acceptance Speech

    This time I’m not going to say a thing
    about deity. It’s not the blizzard,
    it’s three days after. Trinkle from thawing
    roofs, ruined crocus pronging through.
    Ruin, I promise, won’t be mentioned again.
    Trees, sure, still begging in the road, split
    to the bole but this isn’t about the chainsaw.
    A pruning saw will have to do. The puppets
    aren’t hanging themselves in each other’s
    strings. Everyone’s easily identifiable
    beneath the funny mask. Somewhere in Oregon,
    Mary has another month to go, she’s comfortable
    in any position for thirty-five seconds. Lulu,
    we know you’re in there but no one’s
    blaming you for reluctance to come out.
    Poetry is the grinding of a multiplicity
    throwing off sparks, wrote Artaud
    and look what that got him: toothlessness
    and shock therapy. Your dad, who has the worst
    teeth of anyone I know, once ordered eggplant
    in a steakhouse. Do not order eggplant
    in a steakhouse turned out to be more
    than aphoristicly true. Do not spend a lot
    of time in an asylum writing cruel poems
    if you can help it, one Artaud is enough.
    In Kandinsky’s Blue 2, there’s a shape
    in two rows of shapes that seems okay
    although to the right’s a capsized canoe
    full of mathematicians, to the left a bow
    about to launch the killer astrolabe.
    By what manner is the soul joined to
    the body? How about climbing a ladder
    of fire? No thanks. On TV, a rhino’s
    lying in some red dust, munching a thorn.
    You wouldn’t think he could ejaculate
    for half an hour straight, but you’d be wrong.
    See that cloud, it might weigh 10,000 pounds
    which is about average for a cloud.
    Happy birthday, happy birthday to you.
    Tony says Mary is always writing about the sacred.
    Talcum powder, binoculars, this decimated
    planet. I know, a promise has been made
    but Tony’s been sick for years and no one
    knows with what. Flax oil, bark tinctures,
    corticosteroids. He’s not exactly someone
    you’d trust to drive your car, but still.
    Something awful’s coming, isn’t it?
    Would it help if I said Amen?

    Dean Young, “Acceptance Speech” from First Course in Turbulence. Copyright © 1999 by Dean Young.

  3. MFPD

    lambert strether [not his real name] writes at nakedcapitalism.com

    Wasserman Schultz [on endorsing Joe Biden]: “It was a very easy decision. We need to make sure that we put the best candidate forward who can not only bring the nightmare of the last four years and the Trump presidency to an end, but make sure we elect a president who has a real track record of fighting for the values and the priorities of folks in Florida.”

    • Wasserman Schultz actually had to resign as DNC after rigging 2016 for Sanders, as proved by her email correspondence. That this story is treated as an endorsement, as opposed to a hilarious millstone of a non-endorsement, tells you all you need to know about the Democrat Establishment.

    1. Lambert Strether (the name of the protagonist in Henry James' Ambassadors*) is a digital bud, his anti-MPPD creds are impeccable, and Wasserman is a very MFPD if not as an important one as she thinks she is.

  4. Dennis Perrin is right:


    It's interesting how the Democratic misleadership is actually so adept at losing elections. It's easy to see that four more years of Trump is coming our way, which is too bad really. If his first term was awful, just wait till we see the second one. You can bet the Democratic misleadership is going to love what Trump will be doing. Social Security will be on the chopping block, more raping of wilderness areas that are supposed to be protected, more war, and the Dems will love it. It's what they wish they could get away with. So why should they care if they win or lose because they win either way. And any way, focusing on Trump is fucking stupid. He's not the problem. Trump is a spineless moron with the IQ of a dead duck which makes him perfect for our owners. They can get him to do whatever they want. I suppose one could hope that this particular election cycle would show everyone what a farce our elections are. But I wouldn't count on it.

    1. Robert Payne - you and dennis perrin might be right

      on the other hand, best selling historian and talking head jon meacham, speaking on msnbc earlier this morning, characterized biden's primary victories as growing out of the public's desire to return to normality, and expressed the belief that a significant number of anti-hillary trump voters from last time would go for biden this time

      maybe that will happen - the world is so full of a number of things, i'm sure we should all be as happy as kings

      my weekly donations to tio bernie will continue for a while longer

      nevertheless, my mental jukebox is playing 'the dream is over' segment of a john lennon song in which he repudiates belief in a number of things - including gita, zimmerman, the beatles

      what do i believe? i find much to agree with, or at least hope is true, in the thought of pierre teilhard de chardin, sj


      for his service as a stretcher bearer in world war i, de chardin was awarded the legion of honour

      my mother's father was in the trenches during that war - he was awarded a purple heart

      the last paragraph of the britannica bio of de chardin:

      Theologically, Teilhard saw the process of organic evolution as a sequence of progressive syntheses whose ultimate convergence point is that of God.... Evil is represented by Teilhard merely as growing pains within the cosmic process: the disorder that is implied by order in process of realization.

    2. It wouldn't surprise me regarding Trumpists voting for Biden since I believe a lot of people that voted Trump last time did so more out of dislike of the Dem elites than any love for Trump. However a Biden presidency would be pretty much as awful as four more years of Trump. What does surprise me even though I should know better is how well the propaganda against Bernie has worked.