Sunday, March 22, 2020

We Could Not Count All the Miscarriages

  • My parents did not give *me* a dumpster fire with plague for *my* twenty-seventh birthday (see yesterday's post)
  • I'm sideways, and the kayfabe breakage hasn't *even* started yet (though I guarantee our sociopath shitlords' greatest hired brains are focused more on reestablishing kayfabe after its breakage ends than mitigating the damage the breakage causes)
  • (here's one idea put into an asshole's mouth)(also too)(also too)
  • Another new flag


Weldon Kees

September was when it began.
Locusts dying in the fields; our dogs
Silent, moving like shadows on the wall;
And strange worms crawling; flies of a kind
We had never seen before; huge vineyard moths;
Badgers and snakes, abandoning
Their holes in the fields; the fruit gone rotten;
Queer fungi sprouting; the woods
Covered with spiderwebs; black vapors
Rising from the earth - all these
And more, began that fall. Ravens flew around
The hospital in pairs. Where there was water,
We could hear the sound of beating clothes
All through the night. We could not count 
All the miscarriages, the quarrels, the jealousies.
And one day in a field I saw
A swarm of frogs, swollen and hideous,
Hundreds upon hundreds, sitting on each other,
Huddled together, silent, ominous,
And heard the sound of rushing wind.


  1. Chris Floyd on the strange disappearance of Joe Biden:

    1. on the other hand

    2. Yes, and Chris Floyd does point out that stark difference in character between the two. I'm sure the media will cover for Biden though while disparaging Bernie for being a meanie that nobody likes. And you can't count on the great "we the people" to vote in their own interests, largely due, once again, to the media.

      I see that the younger crowd are now calling the virus the Boomer Remover. Very funny. Ah, to be young, dumb, and immortal again. Alas.

      On an unrelated topic, I understand that Feinstein's husband is an investment banker who is heavily invested in the so-called defense industry. And Feinstein is or was on a committee that decided which of the war contractors would get the contracts. And if you put two and two together, well...

  2. W in the middle, commenting at the NYTimes, wrote

    In a face-face meeting – now, several years back – with more than a hundred global participants, a Chinese attendee said something along the lines of:

    “China sees itself as a country run by engineers – and sees the US as a country run by corrupt lawyers”

  3. an exchange of views in the comments column of the ny times

    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

    wrote, in part, on March 23

    ...Our great nation will never heal until Trump is removed from office along with his gang of liars.

    mistah charley, ph.d. replied

    @Seymour Our "great nation" will never heal until it accepts that it is in fact an ordinary nation, capable of great accomplishments and great failures, with not one, but two, "original sins" - the treatment of the original inhabitants of the land, and the involuntary importation of laborers under the cruelest of conditions. Let's not even mention mass murder overseas, committed by the largest and most well-funded terrorist organization in the world today - the Pentagon.