Friday, April 10, 2020

Hurts You to Think of Him Ranking the Conversation

Lockdown and cats and the latest cat rankings now we're tired of each other: 
  1. Fleabus
  2. Napoleon
  3. Rosie
  4. MomCat
  5. Olive
  6. Stanley
  7. Frankie

Fleabus and Napoleon one tier, Rosie a second, Olive and Stanley a third, Frankie just eats the food, gives back nothing

There is a much larger gap between Olive/Stanley and Rosie than between Fleabus/Napoleon and Rosie, photo below

  • No Sanders obit from me, he never would be permitted to win for reasons I'm not rebarking
  • Trump permitted, will be again 
  • One last time Sanders and the plague: the DNC attack on Sanders, which would have happened plague or no plague but which was urgently coordinated and implemented in late February with a brutal efficiency motherfucking professional Democrats don't want you to know they are capable, made necessary because of full knowledge of the coming collapse of the economy and the need to neuter Sanders before full effect of the kaboom common knowledge
  • The virus and the cult of political leadership
  • I still think our shitlords aren't the bumblefucks they play on TV, that some coordination between marketing and gaming exists, that it's not just incompetence with randomized coincidences, fellow complicit thrall
  • That weird pain in your nuts and the limits of telemedicine
  • Wednesday this week, the same day Sanders withdraws, the first Washington Post *the plague may not be as apocalyptic as predicted* headlines, and post Sanders withdrawal insurance stock soared
  • When the head of the Catholic Church is more woke than any American politician of any umph
  • Utterly believable
  • The imminent financial scam crisis
  • Joe Biden is evil
  • Renderings
  • See previous post, I wanted to test the Charley's whiteout method (my apologies, Charley, my fingers just ie because I've known many Charlies, you're the only ey) of motherfucking Democratting, I like! I'll stop.
  • Prison for the dead
  • Diary 6-? 
  • Remember (asking me) when I posted Carl Dennis poems here all the time
  • Remember (asking you) when I posted PJ Harvey songs here all the time?


Carl Dennis

It must be troubling for the god who loves you   
To ponder how much happier you’d be today   
Had you been able to glimpse your many futures.
It must be painful for him to watch you on Friday evenings   
Driving home from the office, content with your week—
Three fine houses sold to deserving families—
Knowing as he does exactly what would have happened   
Had you gone to your second choice for college,   
Knowing the roommate you’d have been allotted   
Whose ardent opinions on painting and music   
Would have kindled in you a lifelong passion.   
A life thirty points above the life you’re living   
On any scale of satisfaction. And every point   
A thorn in the side of the god who loves you.   
You don’t want that, a large-souled man like you
Who tries to withhold from your wife the day’s disappointments   
So she can save her empathy for the children.   
And would you want this god to compare your wife   
With the woman you were destined to meet on the other campus?   
It hurts you to think of him ranking the conversation   
You’d have enjoyed over there higher in insight   
Than the conversation you’re used to.
And think how this loving god would feel   
Knowing that the man next in line for your wife   
Would have pleased her more than you ever will   
Even on your best days, when you really try.   
Can you sleep at night believing a god like that
Is pacing his cloudy bedroom, harassed by alternatives   
You’re spared by ignorance? The difference between what is
And what could have been will remain alive for him   
Even after you cease existing, after you catch a chill   
Running out in the snow for the morning paper,
Losing eleven years that the god who loves you   
Will feel compelled to imagine scene by scene   
Unless you come to the rescue by imagining him   
No wiser than you are, no god at all, only a friend   
No closer than the actual friend you made at college,
The one you haven’t written in months. Sit down tonight   
And write him about the life you can talk about   
With a claim to authority, the life you’ve witnessed,   
Which for all you know is the life you’ve chosen.


  1. I've read several times now from various writings that Bernie ran a terrible campaign. They seem to have forgotten how the DNC (Hillary) rigged the election against Sanders with a lot of help from the media. In fact Bernie did surprisingly well despite it all. But I'm no expert though that's how it seemed to me. And the conditions that helped create popularity for Bernie haven't gone away, and they will continue to worsen. I think Bernie's mistake was to believe you could change the Democratic Party from within, which ain't a gonna happen, ever. He should have run as an independent, it might have changed a lot of things for the better. Some day our owners will go too far. They've been testing the waters at an increased rate over the last decade to see what they could get away with (which is a lot apparently) and Trump has only emboldened them. You can push people only so far, and that even goes for complacent Americans. Starving people don't care about flags.

    Teddy continues to do well. The reason the Tacrolimus is working on his eyes is that it's been mixed with mineral oil instead of coconut or corn oil thanks to a new pharmacy who when they learned of Teddy's bad reaction to using tacrolimus recommended the mineral oil as a suspension or whatever you call it. So it was the corn oil and coconut oil that Teddy was reacting to, not the tacrolimus. So positive things can still happen, even in this shitstorm.

  2. 1)that's a good looking cat

    2)i went to the invisible 'joe biden is evil' post - and left an arguably tangential comment there - with a quote from a book with the subtitle 'an objectively impartial criticism of the life of man' - it was about the goodness of the ravens that inhabit saturn

    And as for their relations with others, they – I don't even know how to describe them – can be known only by existing among them and by experiencing them oneself. All that can be said is that these bird-beings have hearts exactly like those of the angels nearest our ENDLESS MAKER AND CREATOR. They exist strictly according to the ninth commandment of our CREATOR, namely: Do unto another's as you would do unto your own.'

    3)my chromebook has stopped working - i like its speed and its lightness, compared to the fully featured laptop with a dvd drive, even, that i'm using right now - but something to replace my late chromebook - smallish, not expensive - is sold out at a couple of places i've checked - i guess they've been bought for the kids who are out of school but who have access to wifi

    4)'the god who loves you' - maybe i told this story before - a few years ago a relative of mine was in the hospital, terminally ill with cancer - i happened to be there when a visitor of hers made one last attempt to get her to accept god's saving grace, as he saw it - she gestured toward the window sill, full of cards from well wishers - 'i don't need an invisible friend, i have real friends'

    as has been said, it's all too much

  3. I didn't know the cats before they were famous, but I did always highlight the empty bullets just in case something had been hiding in plain white.