Monday, April 6, 2020

O Persistent Covenant

  • Woods filled with people who haven't been in woods in years if ever 
  • Fortunately Little Bennett my memory palace, I know trails newbies won't, of the seventeen miles this weekend past probably fourteen we saw nobody
  • (We drove to Sugarloaf, a line of cars on Comus Road half a mile before the circle at bottom of entrance, and Mt Ephraim Road over the back, wide enough for one car, clusterfucked)
  • (A friend emailed me and said stay away from the AT in Maryland, all of it, even the less used Northern end, and in Virginia from Potomac south to 522 near Front Royal, packed) 
  • Spring two weeks ahead of schedule and exceptionally boom, irony's job not complete until this the most gorgeous Maryland spring in a decade

  • Mind, because Winter never was in Maryland (no snow, no long deep freeze) we're told to expect the worse tick/lyme season of our lifetimes
  • Life in the Fine Metaphors Abound Ocene
  • Pandemocracy and the state of exception
  • Bad years
  • New policy until it's not: empty bullets represent documentation I'm sparing you but mostly me = deleted Motherfucking Democrats, as in, among many things, there are still people who not only don't understand Motherfucking Democrats are the enemy, there are still people who think Motherfucking Democrats are going to save them
  • Maggie's weekly links
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links
  • Maybe now is a good time to try Cusk
  • Midnight Sun 
  • Joyelle McSweeney, my next assignment


Joyelle McSweeney

melting rainbow that embrace this roof
persistent covenant
hangs around
giving us nothing, leaves its muck in the water
expects us to be knocked out by its fine colors
weren’t you nothing too, weren’t you
sea bottom
crunched down into fuel
and when that eggshell roof busts through
mama’s gonna buy you
a rainbow ride for free
an illumination, an inflammation
hyperion flame headdress
dream pins in the fuel
balloons of Koolaid burst down to cool
the sticky baby’s head
plus a credit card a glock a new bible
a princess dress
a mermaid princess dress
so you’ll be twice submerged
or an erased Indian princess
pajama set now go to sleep