Monday, May 4, 2020

We Crave Affection but Give Only Advice

Excellent hikes last three days with yesterday's Earthgirl's favorite farthest away nearby Sky Meadow State Park in northern most tip of Fauquier County, Virginia, gorgeous, land of $70K pick-up trucks with yellow Don't Tread on Me license plates and no regard for speed limits

  • Friend texts (as I type this), watch Trump's propaganda tonight to see and record it live and keep it in my head where I can find it later, she says, I am living in extraordinary time, and she is not is not wrong, and no
  • The citizens with the most guns invariably support the biggest pussy I almost tweeted out last night at a tweet when Trump was especially cracker self-pitying
  • Saturday was Hoyle's Mill Trail in Boyds, Maryland, Earthgirl's favorite hike, period

  • Friday did Ten Mile Creek Trail, Boyds too, hike weekdays, mocomofos, lots of mountain bikes on weekends, I understand why 
  • I'd hike it for the ghosts of a past life regardless but it's my current favorite stretch of six mile walking in Moco


Charlie Smith

This afternoon the park is filled with brides.
Among varieties of persuasion the big trees turn back toward the forest.
Adventurers gather in side streets.
The police are looking hard at the sky.
Down at the bay, boys trapped in solitude fish.
Girls hike their pants and stare at the wave line,
remembering secrets they once held dear.
The day offers a ridiculous variation as
an excuse for not coming in on time.
Wild imaginings take the place of religion.
Someone who can't swim offers to cook.
We've devised a means for the obstinate children
to be fed, she says, but no one understands this.
We crave affection, but give only advice.
There are walls topped with broken bicycles.
Someone makes an obscene offer and this
is the best we get all day. Oh don't give in
so easily she says, handing over the keys.
We climb the blue fire escape.
We would like to keep going,
skyline climbers, old men remembering their childhood
who devise a few illegal experiences no one wants to try.
It gets to be more than the officers can take.
The park is dusty, dark, yet the children,
ignored all day, play on, convinced their dedication
releases a magic that changes everything.


  1. I've been reading about the people who have been saying that the elderly should be left to die because then there would be more housing available, make social security more solvent, in fact there would be more food and more of everything for everybody. These people are truly heroic! From there it's a short hop to letting the homeless die, and from there to working poor. Oh wait a minute. We might need those to mow our lawns. Let's not get carried away now.

    Some go on to say that the old fucks don't lead meaningful lives. All they do is play golf and shit. So what's a meaningful life? let me guess, let me guess. It's getting up at the same time every morning so you can go to your meaningful job like the whore you are and make some asshole rich while you scrape by. Then it's home to the boob tube and six a pack of beer, then to bed, and repeat until you're too old to work, out of money, out of luck, out of time. Sounds real meaningful.

    One of my favorites is the go get your immunity crowd. Oh yeah, sounds great. You first. They argue that the deaths resulting from achieving herd immunity are acceptable and justified as it is far more important to preserve our way of life, culture, and economy. How noble. Tell you what. If you want to die for our way of life go right ahead. I would just point out a way of LIFE isn't very important when you're DEAD.

  2. 0)those are good looking photos of plants, animals, and barbed wire

    0.3)montgomery county, maryland has many good aspects to it - i may live the rest of my life here - tbd

    1)fifty years ago - you have linked to a great performance of 'ohio' - the one i used to listen when i was young was the 'four way street' live album

    1.37)i was speaking to missus charley about this event back in the 20th century only yesterday - explaining how shocking it was to young adults like myself at that time - we got all worked up about it - she spent her equivalent period of youth in peru, where and when the shining path was active - killing one's fellow countrymen for political reasons is not so unique

    1.88)people disagreein' ever'where you look - makes you want to stop and read a book

    1.99)roaming about on youtube i came to this rendition of 'my back pages' in which george harrison takes the last verse - in a snazzy purple sport coat

  3. This is good, liberals are so, ah well, what's the use:

    When my draft notice showed up I threw it in the garbage. I waited for the goon squad to show up but they never did. I attribute this to some radicals who burned the local draft office down destroying a lot of records. I like radicals.

  4. neil young sang the third verse in that performance, by the way