Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Gun Goes on Thinking of the Violence Done to Meaning

  • Woke up with Superchunk in head
  • A (not mine) bleggalgaze
  • The kill-joy speaks
  • The coming homelessness and hunger apocalypse in America
  • Today in compare and contrast: Pompeo v Biden
  • Cotherfucking mops
  • Some good news
  • Two days late (my fault): Maggie's weekly links
  • Larry Eigner, for those of you who do 
  • I know nothing about Duckworth other than I do not want to potentially spend the next twelve years of my life with that hideous Debbie Reynold's song in my head
  • Two day's late (my fault): { feuilleton }'s weekly links
  • Some faculty members wrote a lovely email to a colleague of mine praising the Library's work in general during lockdown and singling out me in particular, I begged the colleague not to share it with the Library's Dean but she did, and the Library's Dean sent me a lovely email thanking me for my work, she cced my boss Bookkeeper, nothing pisses off Bookkeeper more, or gets me doghoused faster, than acknowledgment for the job I do by the people I do it for, so that's my week in work as fine metaphor abounding
  • Grid logic



Susan Howe

When I love a thing I want it and I try to get it. Abstraction of the particular from the universal is the entrance into evil. Love, a binding force, is both envy and emulation. HE (the Puritan God) is a realm of mystery and will always remain
unknowable, authoritarian, unpredictable. Between revealed will and secret will Love has been torn in two.

     DUALISM: Pythagoras said that all things were divisible into two genera, good and evil; in the genus of good things he classified all perfect things such as light, males, repose, and so forth, whereas in the genus of evil he classified darkness, females, and so forth.
                              (Thomas Aquinas, “On the Power of God,” p. 84)

     Promethean aspiration: To be a woman and a Pythagorean. What is the communal vision of poetry if you are curved, odd, indefinite, irregular, feminine. I go in disguise. Soul under stress, thread of connection broken, fusion of love and
knowledge broken, visionary energy lost, Dickinson means this to be an ugly verse. First I find myself a Slave, next I understand my slavery, finally I re-discover myself at liberty inside the confines of known necessity. Gun goes on thinking of the violence done to meaning. Gun watches herself watching.


  1. if you wanted to know more about duckworth you could watch an interview you could find on youtube - but the way i see it - why bother? she's picked for veep or not, she's elected or not, she becomes president or not - these things will happen or not happen - and there's nothing i can do to make them more or less likely - may the creative forces of the universe stand beside us and guide us through the night with the light from above - speaking metaphorically

    and speaking of how surprising things happen from time to time - the daily mail has recently reprinted frederick douglass's 1852 speech What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?


  2. good news, friends - the man whom the supreme court stole the presidency from in 2000 has a pretty strong belief that the world is moving into a sustainability revolution