Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I shall use my anger to build a bridge like that of Avignon, on which people may dance for the feeling of dancing on a bridge

  • As I type this an old fart and me, an old fart, are remenicscieng 
  • re: beer cans that needed a church key versus beer cans with pull-tabs versus our glorious poptop technology
  • Both of us (I'll speak for me but I think it fair to say him/her/they too) bitter boomer Democratic Party apostates
  • Pull-tabs the worse, torn off and thrown to ground
  • People would make chains of them 
  • replace tinsel on giftmas trees
  • One sliced the ball of my right foot most OUCH! I've
  • I'd but stitches, healed, I hike with Earthgirl
  • Shoes the minute I get out of bed, of shower, Earthgirl can vouch
  • only times barefoot in thirty-six years
  • Shitlords pull-tab you on the march back to church keys

  • Crescent Moon over Seal Cove Saturday July 25 2020
  • I just used the word *bashful* in a sentence pertaining to now, when was the last time you saw or used the word *bashful* pertaining tIo NOW
  • Maine. Remindjed plastic glass frames suck in humid rigor
  • hiked blind the first hike, wore sunglasses rest of hike
  • Maine. I will become a birder and earn my State Naturalist Certificate, I can't name a plant but three in Earthgirl's garden in our front yard
  • Maine. Great Wass Island, fat grouse grumbled to move out of our way
  • Bashful but I got to see 
  • I went online to a glasses store 
  • recommenedned I facial
  • recinstructishon no facial
  • recognistitsion guaranteed
  • Maine. I am an old fart, Maine rainbowed the what the fuck

  • The coming riots... and revolution?
  • Brief history of dangerous others: Everything would have been fine but for the outside agitators: the hoary cliché has been deployed by those in power to insulate themselves from accountability at least since the scribes who wrote the Book of Chronicles described the archangel who came down from the heavens to make mischief: “And Satan stood up against Israel…
  • The future of nonviolent resistance
  • This week Democratic leadership reiterated it's against M4A, against legalizing weed, against an eviction moratorium, against extending $600 benefits, in favor of Israeli apartheid, in favor of locking up anarchists, and it's only Tuesday.
  • Plainclothes officers from the New York City Police Department on Tuesday snatched an 18-year-old protester off the streets, threw her into an unmarked minivan, and sped away without explanation, a disturbing incident that immediately drew comparisons to the authoritarian tactics recently used by federal agents in Portland, Oregon  
  • On the above: cops lie
  • Social contagion: A number of anecdotal comments from psychologists and psychiatrists I know, and from ones I don’t, but which I have read or heard in social media, on TV, and in print, on the subject of the pandemic (sic) are all pretty similar in substance. The general point is that madness is all around us now. It is out in the open. That this is a kind of collective psychosis, really. And each time I hear or read this I wonder if this is something that was gradually building up and finally burst through the dam, or was it a sudden spike that erupted in response to the fear mongering and propaganda. And the answer is both. But the sudden spike is still something that had been building and growing in power. And it is also the unconscious associations with fever and plague. The image of the black death is something most westerners carry around.
  • Books are made out of books
  • Bernadette Mayer on the changing colors of the alphabet
  • Three days late, { feuilleton }'s weekly links
  • Any other verb
  • Peter Green was luckier than all that, according to my projections. Whereas some attribute to LSD, and the subsequent onset of schizophrenia, a life cut short of its full potential, I imagine that he took a trip to the future and saw the glorious potential others would project onto him and decided rather on a version that includes the period at the end of this sentence. If the account is to be believed, at the full stop of his own life yesterday, peacefully and in his sleep, he was neither proud nor ashamed of the choices he'd made. 


John Ashbery

The concept is interesting: to see, as though reflected
In streaming windowpanes, the look of others through
Their own eyes. A digest of their correct impressions of
Their self-analytical attitudes overlaid by your
Ghostly transparent face. You in falbalas
Of some distant but not too distant era, the cosmetics,
The shoes perfectly pointed, drifting (how long you
Have been drifting; how long I have too for that matter)
Like a bottle-imp toward a surface which can never be
Never pierced through into the timeless energy of a present
Which would have its own opinions on these matters,
Are an epistemological snapshot of the processes
That first mentioned your name at some crowded cocktail
Party long ago, and someone (not the person addressed)
Overheard it and carried that name around in his wallet
For years as the wallet crumbled and bills slid in
And out of it. I want that information very much today,

Can't have it, and this makes me angry.
I shall use my anger to build a bridge like that
Of Avignon, on which people may dance for the feeling
Of dancing on a bridge. I shall at last see my complete face
Reflected not in the water but in the worn stone floor of my bridge.

I shall keep to myself.
I shall not repeat others' comments about me.

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  1. those are nice photos, by the way

    speaking of flatulence among the elderly - i was surprised to read of charcoal underwear

    and speaking of the elderly - this a.m. i mentioned to missus charley that the brief segments of biden we saw on the tv news yesterday made me worry once again about his mental acuity - she admitted she had the same concern

    speaking of ethanol consumption - i haven't had any beer, wine or spirits for the entire duration of the pandemic so far, which might be the longest spell of mind-altering recreational chemical abstention in my adult life [although i persist with my non-recreational fluoxetine prescription, of course] - who knows if it's good or bad?

    speaking of acquainting oneself with the natural world around one -

    maine, maryland, and michigan all have master naturalist programs, i discovered

    and speaking further of the natural world or organizations concerned with it - i learned yesterday while watching the bbc that WWF with a panda emblem, once known as the World Wildlife Fund, and still called that in canada and the u.s., has changed its name to the World Wide Fund for Nature

    and speaking of books being made of books, i once read of kurt vonnegut that his books tended to be less made of books - and more of his own personal experiences - than some others - not that he hadn't read, admired, and tried to emulate various writers - one could look at the wikipedia article about him, for example

    after watching the peter green video here i thought of "todd rundgren's johnson" - his blues project from 2010 - there's a studio cd and live show cd/dvd

    although most of the songs performed were written by robert johnson, it is quite clear that the name todd has given to the project has humourous intentions

    and speaking of social contagion - well, i won't do that now - maybe later, after reading steppling's remarks - other than to say that it seems to me that the place my paternal unit emigrated from is a closer approximation of a humane and reasonable country than where i was born and partly raised