Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Rest in Peace, John Thompson

  • This morning when I got to work I noticed someone put a John Thompson towel on John Carroll's statue

  • My time at Georgetown overlapped with John Thompson's for ten years, he was always kind and generous and gracious to me in our encounters 
  • He remembered my name (one of two people I didn't (and don't) mind who called me Pop) when I ran into him two or three years ago on campus (in the building named after him), first time I saw him in almost twenty years
  • I have worked at Georgetown for half my life, have two degrees, it helped pay for Planet's college, I have dozens of friends through Georgetown, some close, a few Beloved, this Georgetown wouldn't exist without John Thompson, he did more for this university than any president ever did, I'm pleased how much this RIP gently nags