Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Floated from the Hearth Sparks Out of My Mouth

I'dv'e bet you a digital pint four months ago the Tuesday a week before Election Day ZANGED! 

McQueen is dead, long live McQueen

No. Do you think Trump knows? Is reading his obituaries?

The simpleton manifesto

My twitter feed tells me as I type this sentence SCOTUS done

Everybody has to draw a lineBut you are betting a great deal for yourself and your family if you do not plan and draw red lines: at what point will you leave, if you can? At what point will you start preparing, however you can, to live in a plutocratic theocratic America, knowing it may not happen but that the cost of not preparing is higher than the cost of preparations?

Nothing in the constitution requires nine, the number has changed

Democracy, the musical

Nine will be the number when Harris loses to Hawley in 2024

Jeff types into his self-incriminating machine

The reason I think Trump done beyond my constant scotus yodel

After the digital tornado

Trump must know, Bibi oopsied the clue

Without a warrant

Punch me in the balls when Biden's inauguration speech yodels about reaching across the aisle if you still think this isn't a work

How He Changed Over Time: a new Lydia Davis story for our time (h/t Ed)

So this plan to consolidate past blogs I don't look at and no one is interested in into one huge blog no

UPDATE! 2020 October 27

On motherfucking Democrats: the surest sign Trump's been shitlorded is Biden winking at the shitlords

Jeff, if I don't want to deal with wordpress anymore and want to move pOj to blOOger just do it

Paul Kingsnorth? Anyone read?

Nothing halts me like some small vanity victory, every bad habit happily sloppily returns

50 Greatest Apocalyptic Novels

I write a poem like this. I asked twooter What would be the temperature today if Ginsberg hadn't died?

How societies go backwards

Now that Barrett in if there IS to be a Ratfucking for Trump it starts now


Cedar Sigo

 I stumble down        around torn peaks
                          “Fit the right suit
                                                      to trick them all.”
                                         the questions fall
                                   around allure. Poems floated
                           from the hearth
                                 out the mouth. I am wound up, bored
we are only strangers on our way
the hotel                turned slender to mind
                now written out (sloppy)
                                                to music
                dark brown wood
                                 gold mirrors
                                 The drinking songs from upper stories
drag us to sleep                 a bend in the basement wall
                              scorched. pulling on clean clothes
                  I let myself out
                                                              walk up
                                        to a far off hill
                                                             smoke on top
“The orchestra of the
                           immense magnified
       inner life
                   is now prodigious.”
the strings sound down
             make the surface of a mirror
                                                    & hang the head
                           my forbidden past

                                        Rose & Silk
           the wine is young
                                  The brooks still hum
                                                               with melted snow

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  1. i was not able to find a source for the first sentence in quotes in sigo's poem; the second is from henri michaux

    what was most chilling about the party held at the white house for acb - justice barrett - was not that they held it after having a super spreader event at her previous party- of course they would - but rather that she chose clarence thomas to preside at the swearing in ceremony - h.w. showed his contempt for thurgood marshall by nominating clarence thomas to be his successor, and senator biden's incompetent conduct of the confirmation hearing was one of his most important failures in his time in government - so far

    this morning i watched again 'rocket's tail' performed by 'cloudbusting'

    by process of association i think of bruce cockburn's song 'if i had a rocket launcher' - but i don't, do i? who knows if it's good or bad

    act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with your god, however you conceive him to be - Hairy Thunderer or Cosmic Muffin