Thursday, December 31, 2020

Slept the Deeper as the Ashes Rose

 I'm not sure what in the last post broke bleggor, the front page settings insists five posts are displaying but only one is, and when I click OLDER POSTS at bottom *that* page displays five posts.

It's the grid. After adding a grid to Compose View, when I have to go edit in HTML View, the code, it goes on for three full mouse scrolls, and when I click to return to Compose View blaggur tells me the code be fucked and the universe could explode then asks me if I'll take that responsibility and lets me back in when I say yes

I have at least stopped arguing with myself whether sheets constitutes a new tablet or an extension of the digital tablet, an auxiliary tablet to bluggir and simplenote in the same sense I considered all gridded paper tablets tablets, and when I remember I never did that and started new paper gridded tablets all the time to kickstart a writing slump, I recognize I need at least acknowledge to myself sheets constitutes a new tablet, though, unlike the last three dozen started paper gridded tablets, I'm furiously typing in my other digital tablets

The last post had photos which adds too much code, so grid below has none though of course this post exists as a standalone, a two-fer, a return to the five I don't know as I type this. Bliggar changed how html code appears now when they said Take the New Interface and Love It, Fuckface, no longer line by line but a code snake a dope like me fucks up, will try posting any out of grid photos and all songs and poems and type before copy/pasting a sheet's grid into Blogger

Today's Kids in the Hall allusion: The Grid stays, you go. Hopefully you stay, but I've wrote, drawn, painted on nothing but gridded paper daily for forty years, I tried something on a whim while enjoying a manic uptick, and an old click, should come in handy for the inevitable downtick

UPDATE: nothing, I know it's the week between giftmas and New Year, new I can find on White's Ferry: Showdown 2020 >>>>>We hiked Seneca Bluff south from 28, drove home via Sugarland to Montevideo to River Road, the standard flood closed White's Ferry sign at 28 & 109Manic uptick: raw processor power no, but when several connected but disparate worlds coordinate eat the manicManic uptick: surfing the clusterfuck cause no novel works and I need a new slaying poetry anthololgy becauseManic uptick: that one coincides with my discovering an end to digital grid jonesing a blessing, but don't worry, I can't keep this pace up even manic uptick
"I can’t shake the feeling that everything is degraded. Life experiences in nearly all realms and at all levels feels degraded. A significant part of this is the corporatism of everything. And the most banal aspects become meaningful because of the volume, the accrued total and how ubiquitous this phenomenon. The small pleasures of daily life have been destroyed. The prosaic and seemingly trivial enjoyments that sustained one’s grasp of reality have been destroyed.""Which means the only answer capitalism has for the current plight of our species is the blind-faith belief that the world is about to be saved, any minute now, by a handful of union-busting tech billionaires who choose every single day not to use their vast fortunes to end world hunger. That is the unspoken premise in the argument for the continuation of capitalism.""Aside: I am given to understand by a friend who knows Summers well, that he is in fact, in raw processor power terms, brilliant. I note that raw processing power, as my friend Stirling Newberry once pointed out to me, just gets you to the wrong conclusion faster if you don’t have judgement.""Psychiatrically inclined news outlets have discovered a hitherto undocumented mental illness whose symptoms include paranoia about 5G technology, but the seriousness of such delusions remains as yet unclear compared with belief in a supernatural friend who puts a price on the heads of infidels""Was blogging a good idea? It’s one of those things that you can’t answer, because making that big a change would be tantamount to living another life, maybe even being another person. And that’s why I will stubbornly cling to this blog and the stupid “classic” editor, so that when I have a thought that’s too big for a Twitter thread but too outside the mainstream for an op-ed pitch, it will be there, just as it always has been for literally my entire adult life."
^ The Woke Freikorps^^ Unspoken premise of capitalism ^^ Shitlords ^^ No ordinary bombing ^^ Bleggalgaze ^
"There is an unmistakable similarity between the Albanian transient apprenticeship in capitalism during the 1990s and the Right Wing populist attempts to crash the American political market in the 21st century. Sloterdijk’s detailed account of conditions that led to the Albanian crash transcribes almost verbatim to present-day America once conventional money is replaced with rage as political currency.""Nihilism is therefore not only to be found in the person who rejects knowledge claims for lacking an indubitable foundation. Rather, a person who is aware of the doubts surrounding knowledge claims and who nevertheless continues to act as though those doubts don’t really matter is also a nihilist.""It’s easy for wealthy people to forget that the recession is still going on, and that many millions of people are still in deep need. Our political discourse is thoroughly dominated by people in the bracket that has already recovered. Our media is owned and paid for predominantly by people in this income bracket. The journalists who work in the media have been working from home for months. They are in much less danger than the bulk of the American people. When someone like Larry Summers treats the recession as a problem that has already been solved, these journalists and the media tycoons who employ them are all too ready to believe it’s true""When philosophers fail to disagree about any question of substance, you know someone is hiding something. In this case, I believe the pseudo-war has distracted us—and the combatants themselves—from the contentiousness of an assumption being made on all sides. Everyone assumes that we can retain the moral side of anger while distancing ourselves from paradigmatically irrational phenomena such as grudges and vengeance. But what if this is not the case? What if we humans do morality by way of vengeful grudges?""And here lies the problem. Dominant capitalists and corporations cannot stop trying to increase their power. The need to beat the average and grow faster than others is ‘in their nature’. And that has consequences, because rising differential earnings require greater threats, sabotage and violence against the rest of society. If this relentless pressure is not counteracted by effective democratic resistance, U.S. subjects are likely hear much more about the benefits of ‘economies of scale’, the imperatives of ‘global competition’ and the dictates of ‘national security’ – processes that, they will be told, require them to accept ever larger corporations and a much more authoritarian society."
^ Adventures in Rage Kapitalism ^^ If you believe in Nihilism do you believe in anything? ^^ Shitlords ^^ The philosophy of anger ^ ^ Corporate power and the future of US capitalism ^
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Hindsight in hindsight, or: twenny twenny"I’d like to encourage my readers to stay watchful, stay nimble, keep your pantries well stocked with necessities, and remember that all those yammering faces on glass screens are there to sell you something you don’t want to buy" < Into the unknown region, a clusterfuck review <Living and dying in America 2021Current plan is no post tomorrow so George's New Year song today



Richard Wilbur

Now winter downs the dying of the year,   
And night is all a settlement of snow;
From the soft street the rooms of houses show   
A gathered light, a shapen atmosphere,   
Like frozen-over lakes whose ice is thin   
And still allows some stirring down within.

I’ve known the wind by water banks to shake
The late leaves down, which frozen where they fell   
And held in ice as dancers in a spell   
Fluttered all winter long into a lake;   
Graved on the dark in gestures of descent,   
They seemed their own most perfect monument.

There was perfection in the death of ferns   
Which laid their fragile cheeks against the stone   
A million years. Great mammoths overthrown   
Composedly have made their long sojourns,   
Like palaces of patience, in the gray
And changeless lands of ice. And at Pompeii

The little dog lay curled and did not rise   
But slept the deeper as the ashes rose
And found the people incomplete, and froze   
The random hands, the loose unready eyes   
Of men expecting yet another sun
To do the shapely thing they had not done.

These sudden ends of time must give us pause.   
We fray into the future, rarely wrought
Save in the tapestries of afterthought.
More time, more time. Barrages of applause   
Come muffled from a buried radio.
The New-year bells are wrangling with the snow.


  1. Heh heh. The kid in the hall nobody likes. Many thanks for the best 2020 ever. Wishes for an even better new one. Since I arrive a quarter day before Blegsylvania, if I don't return to cry "Go back!" then it's okay to proceed.

    1. Herzliches Wunschen u. Alle Besten / Best Wishes, that it turn out to be less of a shitshow of a year, this next. I tried five time to send these thoughts in a DM via the Twitverse to Yourself, The Poet In This Blog, and The Writer/Philosopher, and it blew up every time. To each, and All you hold Dear; Be Well, Be Safe; Seek Peace, or some reasonable facsimile. See you on the other side, unless you're already there.

  2. uno

    speaking of new-year bells - out with the old in with the new - seeing george in one of those lapelless suits from the early beatles period reminded me of my favorite quasi-"early beatles" songs - utopia's "i just want to touch you"

    i discovered this morning there is a strip tease routine to this song, as well - performed by gail artsgard

    then, roaming about in the memory fields of yesteryear, i discovered a youtube video to "happy xmas (war is over)" pointed to by the blog tuesdaynightbuzz - you are protected from accidentally viewing this video by it being in youtube's age-restricted area and then a warning that The following content has been identified by the Youtube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. if you indicate that you understand and wish to proceed, you will see photos and film clips that remind you why you might want war to be over


    speaking of manic phases, recently i read that television journalist and author jane pauley has acknowledged her bipolar disorder diagnosis - in 2014 she told time magazine I take my meds every day. me too - perhaps that feeling of similarity prompted me to request her book your life calling: reimagining the rest of your life from my local public library system


    i've been to pompeii, by the way [although i was too young to be shown the erotic art there] - an article about the dog richard wright mentions can be seen at

    1. ONE

      and so this is new year's - peter paul and mary doing 'stewball'



      You don't have to get it right the first time.

      There is no most authentic "you" waiting to be revealed.

      It doesn't mean a total makeover.

      You don't need to have a passion.

      Trial and error are keys to growth.


      THIS is the future - you got to LIVE it, or LIVE WITH it, and at a time TBD get out of the way