Saturday, January 9, 2021

Children Are Building Their Teacher a Coffin

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Be specific, sir, if you pleaseVaccine NationalismmotherfuckingdemocratsMore cops = more fascismWhy the Commerce Secretary should be progressive >>>>>>Biden: NOPE!You do know legislation being considered on Domestic Terrorism will be used against you, yes?Creating terrorists
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The hinterland, the hinterland, we're gonna sail to the the hinterland, it's so far far farfarfar, farfar far away, it's so fa fa fafafa, da da da da dadada
Many Americans angrier that cosplaying crackers ransackedPelosi's office than angry that 4000 Americans are dying dailyby deliberate institutional incompetence in the service of shitlord profitsMeanwhile look over there >>>>Trump now permanently banned from twaater out of fear what he will inciteI will bark this again: Ruth Bader Ginsberg's Death *the* pivotal event of this electionShitlords changed horses, if Ginsberg hadn't died, Trump would have wonWhen Trump and his followers, and not just the dopes cosplaying Davy Crockett, say shitlords had their thumbs on the scale, true
the entire tone of Trump coverage changed after Ginsberg's death, and major breaking bad for Trump storieslike the NYT piece on his shit finances and dumpster fire tax problems, which could have been released months earlier, droppedAnyway, twaater - within their legal rights, etc - killing the high priest of conspiracies while the incoming president tells them to chill with the conspiracy shitconfirms the conspiracies for the conspiracists and martyrs the high priest.I type these 16 boxes with the second from the right in the second row: as the plague reminded us, our shitlords never let a clusterfuck go to wasteThink of the photos of cops in riot gear before a BLM march and cops not at crackerevolutionAny new laws against speech and assembly will be written with *you* in mind, not Davy CrackerReminder: shitlords don't see hippies versus crackers, they see subjects they can pit against each other instead of uniting against them
The question is why would shitlords so provocatively incite the reaction they say the banning was done to prevent?
Kidding, rhetorical that, above and below.
The question is why would crackers incite shitlords to crack back on crackers the way crackers said shitlords would crack back?
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Bill Manhire

Children are building their teacher a coffin.
There it is in the paper, somewhere in Holland,

a good plain coffin made of many parts,
and two of the children

call each day and talk to the teacher
to keep the teacher posted. Is she happy?

She is ill but quite contented.
What will they give her to take with her

into the earth at last, or across those borders
where only teachers travel? There is dark energy there

and multiplication tables, and many children are in a room
with chisels and planes and spirit levels.

They must be making something wonderful.
Everything needs to be straight.

I made a boat, a tie-rack, a wooden spoon.
The boat sat on a mantlepiece in several different houses.

It was happy with its yellow funnel,
somewhere it is sailing. And everywhere children

are waving and working hard.
They are building their teacher a coffin.

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  1. I can be angry about multiple things. Because I can reject the either/or, which is pretty obviously a false binary in this case.