Friday, January 29, 2021

Darkness Starts Inside of Things But Keeps on Going When the Things Are Gone

^^^^^My favorite 2021 album so far!^^^^^
The 12.5 acres of land we now own in Michigan is less than 15 miles from where three of these fucks live!Is it censorship if what our shitlords want is authoritarianism without a Rogue Knob and said censorship of Rogue Knob's armed apostles designed explicitly and deployed deliberately to stoke Rogue Knob's armed apostles to adore the next Knob despite His rogueless knobbiness out of increased hatred of Facebook and amplified hatred of you?When does Rogue Knob cop he's a snitch?"Among the industries that define American culture, the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ was virtually airtight: the media and entertainment industries hated him, the tech industry hated him, academia hated him. The foreign policy community hated him, the NatSec community hated him, Iraq war Republicans hated him, the little world of the DC commentariat hated him, and the broader world of the press hated him too."
I wonder if Trump will play his snitch card into snuffingTHE SYSTEM IS RIGGED >>>>Instead of greed, this latest bout of speculation, and especially the extraordinary excitement at GameStop, has a different emotional driver: anger. The people investing today are driven by righteous anger, about generational injustice, about what they see as the corruption and unfairness of the way banks were bailed out in 2008 without having to pay legal penalties later, and about lacerating poverty and inequality.
Fake Meat & Our Shitlords >>"Alt-meat optimists who are excited by the science but remain ambivalent about who controls such technology misunderstand the nature of exploitation and the reasons so many animals are killed, forests cut down, and workers abused. The voracious insatiability of global capital created the industrial slaughterhouse, the confinement animal system, and the chicken breeding technology that puts farmed animals in terrible pain their entire lives. When the chips are down, fiduciary obligations will always privilege profit over the moral aspirations of these patent-clutching geniuses. In its present composition, the new-meat dream will let us down. Its affinity for and resemblance to agribusiness will ultimately prolong the hegemony of animal slaughter, not challenge it."
Shitlord RulesShitlord defines shitlordism with his shitlordiousnessShitlords kill you for profit
Shitlord Herd Management, a plague & Rogue Knob to run through algorithmists' wringersMore war
Reminder: Read the Fucking America Whale Novel Bible w Ed!Remember when he was !!! & then he wasn't? and why? >>>Seidel
The *it* in first haiku below does not refer to kCoOoVtIiDesI remember two things about Mating. I liked it, a lot, got buzz, people forgot it VVV made me think of >>>Found my beat copy of Donald Harington's *Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks* looking for something, I talk bible this bible that Harington slipped my mind, startlefucked me, I don't remember everything, if you want a copy let me know
Too err is poetic*Mating* at 30*With* is a miracle, I remember everything, but you need have read what came first first, including me starting over
Fellow knobbotons... I caught it, here, I'd say, here's the key the treeknob
shrine grab your beads now and I stop to fix typo gone. Goons count on this
Seven of the thirteen shrines installed since Giftmas' (does that *'* count?)
best gift breath I want snow the fuck is wrong with me knobbuddies, it’s gone


Christian Wiman

A shadow in the shape of a house
slides out of a house
and loses its shape on the lawn.

Trees seek each other
as the wind within them dies.

Darkness starts inside of things
but keeps on going when the things are gone.

Barefoot careless in the farthest parts of the yard
children become their cries.


  1. Youngest, Wesdom, who's now in DC btw, has a life goal to go to Mars. Good on him & Elon. Makes the point that space exploration will necessarily be meatless. Hadn't thought of it that way, though, truly, Star Trek with its automated pill food dispensaries, foresaw. All this 'Impossible' is mere rehearsal? Or, at least, that's another way of looking at it.

  2. 1)jane weaver's music is enjoyable - in reading about her i came across the term folktronica

    2)you point to dean baker's cepr paper about vaccine fuckups - i thought his conclusion was worth repeating

    We have seen a massive rise in right-wing populism where large numbers of less-educated workers reject the elites and all their claims about the world. When we have massive elite mess-ups, as we now see with vaccine distribution, and there are zero consequences for those responsible, this has to contribute to the resentment of the less advantaged.

    It is appalling that we have structured the economy in such a way that the elites can be protected from consequences for even the most extreme failures. The fact so few elite types even see this as a problem (seen any columns in the NYT calling for firing?) shows that the populists have a real case. The economy is rigged against the left behind, and the people that control major news outlets, which include many self-described liberals or progressives, won’t even talk about it.

    i would quibble with baker about 'less-educated' - more accurately one might say 'misinformed' which include those who wilfully misinform themselves - but what do i know? missus charley and i aren't movie stars - what we are is what we are - we share a bed, some popcorn, and tv

    3)today i read and enjoyed a piece from politico analogizing the lord of mar-a-lago to the avignon anti-pope benedict xiii

    4)and speaking of spiritual leaders - john yates, ph.d. - a man who is currently a cancer patient, and was dismissed from the buddhist retreat center he founded because of a marital dispute with his third -now former- wife, was recently asked by a student of his whether 'awakening' was worth the effort - he said yes, it was - while most goals, once achieved, are a bit disappointing, he claimed that awakening is the opposite - before you experience it, you can't imagine how much better it is