Sunday, January 24, 2021

So Far From Others It Likes Reading About Checkered Lives





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That's all, folks<<<< Back in 2016, the American people, sick to the gills of global capitalism and its increasingly oppressive woke ideology, elected an unauthorized, narcissistic ass-clown to the highest office in the land. They did this for a variety of reasons, but mostly it was just a big “fuck you” to the establishment. It was an act of rebellion against a government which they know is owned by unaccountable, supranational corporations and oligarchs who openly detest them. It was an act of rebellion against a system of government they know they have no influence over, and are not going to have any influence over. It was an act of rebellion against global capitalism, the unopposed, global-hegemonic system which has dominated the world for the last thirty years … whether they realized what they were rebelling against or not.What Zombie believes at night
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C.D. Wright

Where the old trees reign with their forward dark   
light stares through a hole in the body’s long   
house. The bed rolls away from the body,
and the body is forced to find a chair. At some hour   
the body sequesters itself in a shuttered room
with no clock. When a clean sheet of paper floats by,   
the head inclines on its axis. It is one of those
common bodies that felt it could not exist without loving,   
but has in fact gone on and on without love.
Like a cave that has stopped growing, we don’t call it dead,   
but dormant. Now the body is on all fours, one arm   
engaged in pulling hair from a trap, an activity   
the body loathes. When the time comes, the body
feeds on marinated meats and fruits trained to be luscious.   
Once the body had ambitions—to be tall and remain   
soft. No more, but it enjoys rappelling to the water.   
Because the body’s dwelling is stone, perched over water,   
we say the body is privileged. Akin to characters   
in Lawrence books, its livelihood is obscured. It owns   
a horse named Campaign it mounts on foggy morns.   
That was the body’s first lie. It has no horse
and wouldn’t climb on one. Because the body lives
so far from others, it likes reading about checkered lives
on the metrópoli. It likes moving around at night under its dress.   
When it travels, bottles of lotion open in its bags.   
Early in March the big rains came—washing all good thoughts   
from the body’s cracks and chinks. By now the body admits   
it is getting on, and yet, continues to be tormented   
by things being the way they are. Recently the body took   
one of the old trees for a wife, but the union has broken down.   
The light has bored out of the body’s long house.   
Fog envelops its stone flanks. Still the body
enjoys rappelling to the water. And it likes the twenty four-hour stores,
walking up and down the aisles, not putting a thing in its basket.


  1. I love that comment: they were rebelling against such-and-such whether they knew what they were rebelling against or not. Rebelling, by definition, is rebelling against something known, quantifiable, and targeted. I can't rebel against a suspicion or a ghost. That just makes no sense.

    DJ Tiny Hands mongered us into a war against each other. Don't give me that crap that Dems are all warmongers and Republicans are peaceniks. That's such faux leftist bullshit—simply not credible. It ignores (cancels?) what actually transpired on 1/6. It harkens back to the "good old days", recycling an argument that achieved a modicum of support in the 60s-70s. Played. Stale. Tired. Over. Also, Bush 1 -> Iraq 1; Bush 2 -> Iraq 2 & Afghanistan. That was not a Dem-initiated war. Come the fuck on. These dudes are trying to rewrite history. They're not even credible Marxists.

  2. BTW: New Ishiguro in March. Pre-Orders available now.