Thursday, February 25, 2021

I've Been Fobbed Off and I've Been Fooled, I've Been Robbed and Ridiculed, in Daycare Centers and Night Schools, Handle Me with Care

That is one of two Beatles songs, the other George's too, I actively seek out to listen again. Also too, a reminder that the best Traveling Wilburys song is a George song

I hadn't forget when reminded by Landru Beloved an hour ago but I do confess I forgot until mid-morning, George, I always loved best, people can vouch, born seventy-eight years ago today

That's my favorite George song, and a reminder that *All Things Must Pass* is by far the second most listened to album in my lifetime and it's catching up to number one and will pass it by 2042 at this pace

ALSO TOO! Holyfuck


  1. Trolldru says number one is some Archers of Loaf horseshit, but Landru beloved thinks it's New Order or Pere Ubu. Oh wait, we're fucken boomers. White Album.

    1. Davidly, do you want to tell him?

    2. If album sides count toward the total I'm telling you 3x3 it's The Ninth Wave.

    3. Oh how dopey am I not throwing her into the mix, the single point of massive warfare of 40+ years of intermittent and decreasing frequent low grade music bicker. Fuck me.

  2. to the best of my recollection this was my first listen to 'if that's what it takes' - i see that listed as coauthor are not only jeff lynne but also gary wright - interestingly, the latter's 2014 autobiography is titled Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation, and My Friendship with George Harrison

    a different author, gary a. wright, wrote To Know the Place : An Anthropologist Remembers a Michigan Town

    "Gary Wright offers a humorous and insightful study of growing up in small-town Michigan. The village of Berrien Springs offered a boy all the usual challenges--school, fishing, cars and girls. But like most youngsters, he never thought about his town's history. Looking back, Wright finds meaning in all that he took for granted as a youth. Readers will find their own neighborhood in the pages of 'To Know the Place,' and will come away with a fresh outlook on their own childhood.--Robert C. Myers, Curator, Berrien County Historical Association.

  3. For posterity, for the gallery, for my own complicity's sake:

    On the evening of 2 September 2014, as on the previous and subsequent nights of her residency in the theater in Hammersmith, London, Kate completed her half a dozen numbers of the opening set, intended as a sort of rock show to stand apart from what was to follow, Mino Cinélu transitioned downstage whipping a bullroarer around to a crescendo, and, to kick off the band's performance of entire second side of her Hounds of Love album, a number of cannons fired, out of which flew, high above and then down upon the audience, tiny Tennyson tissues with the familiar portion of the text (from The Coming of Arthur, the first of the Idylls of the King:

    Wave after wave, each mightier than the last
    Till last, a ninth one, gathering half the deep
    And full of voices, slowly rose and plunged
    Roaring, and the all the wave was in a flame.

    I'll spare you the rest save to add that I saw Jimmy Page exit the theater after the show, unaccompanied by anyone. He walked straight down the middle of the lobby and out the door. He is not George Harrison. Gotta go, here comes the sun.

    1. davidly - after reading your comment i found

      as will rogers said, everybody's ignorant, only on different subjects - with respect to hounds of love i resemble that remark