Sunday, February 14, 2021

This Is How Inoculation Works

My guess is Mitch told them take the seven and be done or continue and get none
(this guy calls it a historic rebuke for Trump *and* political cowardice by Democrats
and Dem upper 2nd-tier said fuck you but then No Malarkey called, said cut this shit out
Apocalypse burnoutShitlords always resetFull empty floor, space, story between us
Raskin my congressperson, people I trust who personally know tell me he's an honest broker
that his taking point on impeachment prosecution just weeks after his son's suicide
SuperfictionConspiracy theoriesBeyond the !KungAre you a mystic?
not performative in standard sanctimonious Democratic Party treachly syrup
He aspires to leadership in the Democratic Party and was given the job to up his profile
All money is a technology of future-makingIntentionally dyingSeeding territory
Is he an honest enough broker to explain what changed? I'm betting he won't rat out Malarkey
Blame the Russians!on fucking PeasantsChildren are starvingAnthropocene archives
And a very special fuck you to me who remembered, sitting in the Covid vaccine for two hours
(Earthgirl got her first covid shot yesterday, after I hit publish - there- I'm driving to mine now)
listening to WTOP as it updated the Impeachment Trial between me bridges, ramps and overpasses freeze first
what it feels like to root for the team of my youth and liking the vroom, smelling the fart coming
Read Moby Dick w/EdCAVED!575{ feuilleton }'s weeklyvv Was Yesterday vv
I wish my stupidass self-generated password was, on Gabriel's 71st bday, carscratchmeltsecurity




Albert Goldbarth

It's the other ones, who soon enough return
to being happy after the funeral, that are nearest
to their own deaths—in their gaiety
and everyday distraction, they're so open

and unguarded . . . anything could enter them;
could claim them. It's the ones who weep
incessantly that are saved for now, the ones
who have taken a little of it

into their systems: this is how
inoculation works. And sorrow is difficult,
a job: it requires time to complete.
And the tears?—the salt

of the folk saying,
that gets sprinkled over the tail feathers
and keeps a bird from flying;
keeps it stationed in this world.

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  1. From the chaos that ensued, it was as if they'd been told that shore leave would have to be cancelled.