Saturday, February 20, 2021

Where Analgesia May Be Found to Ease the Infinite

I am nobody is my anthem, catechism, most fervent belief. I build domino chains of rationalization explaining why I explain everything rather than write anything. There are nights I should not write and this is one of them or at least not write haiku, which have saved me hundreds of syllables, I measure once cut once not like the guy made of resiliency in the Federal Credit Union radio commerical on WTOP in an ice storm who measures twice. Limbaugh and Larry King - youngsters, my first car had an AM radio an antenna like a cat whisker, if you are like me and like any sound but the sound of a car I NEED SOMETHING COMING OUT OF THE SPEAKERS best shitty better than no shitty. I had jobs with shifts ending ten eleven midnight, I'd drive moco backroads, that's when it started. Larry King radio interviews driving Big Woods Road from 109 to 28, was him or Art Bell, King, then, by a lot, and I yodeled about Limbaugh's cracker-whispering skills twelve years before my first stupidass blog when he went full Fort Marcy, most talented talk radio host I ever heard. I fall asleep trying to remember Frederick County roads like I'm pretty sure I know the way out of my neighborhood now. Then I remember I am nobody and it's my anthem. Lipsyncher me me again then me for umpth time one two three four five, life in the fuck it despondancy ocene, my dead watercolor palette, I swear the Q and A were a happy accident I'm not correcting

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"We’ve got creativity, inspiration and humor on our side, and if we can wake up a critical mass of people to the fact that they live in a profoundly unfree society disguised by propaganda we’ll have the numbers too. We absolutely can win this thing, we just have to push hard enough for it."<< A friend asked, in the context of humans on this Earth, if I thought anything is possible. I said yes, thinking she thought like I did that anything *horrible* is possible, never considering anything *good* possible at all, or at most some small anything good but only after lots of unimaginablly horrible things I think not only possible but inevitable
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I'd never heard of Toyah Wilcox or knew a single personal fact about Robert Fripp's personal life until Hamster sent me the link one or two or three posts ago, Fripp was Kind to me once in a plantation house outside Harpers Ferry when workshopping with crafty guitarists, HE WAS NOT WEARING A SUIT AND TIEToyah on Toyah & Robert
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Q & A

Kenneth Fearing

Where analgesia may be found to ease the infinite, minute scars of the day;
What final interlude will result, picked bit by bit from the morning's hurry, the lunch-hour boredom, the fevers of the night;
Why this one is cherished by the gods, and that one not;
How to win, and win again, and again, staking wit alone against a sea of time;
Which man to trust and, once found, how far—

Will not be found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John,
Nor Blackstone, nor Gray's, nor Dun & Bradstreet, nor Freud, nor Marx,
Nor the sage of the evening news, nor the corner astrologist, nor in any poet,

Nor what sort of laughter should greet the paid pronouncements of the great,
Nor what pleasure the mulitudes have, brining lunch and the children to watch the condemned to be plunged into death,

Nor why the sun should rise tomorrow,
Nor how the moon still weaves upon the ground, through the leaves, so much silence and so much peace.

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