Thursday, February 4, 2021

Wigs of Slivers

Dear God
<<< "In February 2020, when Dr. Fauci and other public health officials discouraged mask usage and said it would have no effect upon the spread of COVID, we can presume this would have been the line held up by the virtuous Reality Czar. Anyone who advocated for mask usage would have been banned from social media. Any writers who published pro-mask pieces would be deplatformed–if not outright banned, their writing would at the very least be unavailable on social media, thereby making it inaccessible to nearly everyone."
What is Jeff Bezos promoting himself *to*?
Chagrined again how much I miss Trump breaking kayfabe and how much I hate Kayfabe Restoration, Kayfabe Restoration, my ex-team's slogan sucks
Shitlord woes
This is true: our wifi went sideways the same wire from the the same box on a wire strung between two telephone poles died, born in 1993 it lived an astonishing long life according to the Kind underpaid Shitlord, Inc tech said
I was asked by said tech did I want to get the new cable buried or hung through the trees she recommended burying cable, put in an order, got us running, days later, in the sleet and the rain Shitlord texts me, my cable is buried
I was sitting on a sofa exactly where the line enters the house, I didn't hear a thing, Earthgirl works from the big rooms nook looking out a window where the cable burier would have been burying cable, I didn't hear a sound, she didn't see a soul
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Saving Classics from whitenessChagrined I'm surprised I'm chagrined I'm surprised I'm surprised I'm chagrinedDept of Overwrought UnderstatementsScreenshot poeticswalk out in the snow, a grass sidewalk is plowed, there's no sign of surgeryYour surveillance bill paid our shitlords provide excellent survellance service


Hussain Ahmed

I tear up my heart into wigs of slivers
that I may remember how it all began.

there was an eclipse and I misplaced my eyes
to the blood in the moon,       a miscarriage of everything I owned.

I am sick of the nostalgia that comes with a stale memory
of what I should have seen,                before the darkness.

we find connections on the lines on our palms and they become entangled
into edible nests,       until a new inmate begins to cry.

this globe is full of darkness
and the only lit places            are burning.

the fire punctured the ozone that blankets the verdin in my rib cage.
My heart is a wick of card sliver,                             it spins in a pool of grief.

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  1. 1)this week missus charley's niece - now a dentist in duluth - wrote me asking for advice about getting a keyboard instrument suitable for her five year old son - to whom i am known as great uncle or 'gruncle' for short - it is a rare day when someone asks me for advice so i went to town [metaphorically speaking] looking for info

    in doing this i encountered an explanation of what constitutes a 'hybrid digital piano' - very briefly, the key mechanism is like a mechanical piano, even though the sound is digitally produced - so the feel of playing is very realistic

    as robert louis stevenson observed

    The world is so full of a number of things,
    I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.

    i suggested reviewing a few pages at azpianonews, and said that if she's interested in a portable keyboard the casio and yamaha models at costco could be very satisfying at an affordable price point - i have a similar one from 2005 which lacks the connectivity with various software - add a sustain pedal and you're good to go - it'll be great, i assured her, and i was sincere in saying so

    2)i want to spend more of the time i have left on music and less on politics - i know the names of too many congresspersons

    i think of something from kurt vonnegut - Being merciful, it seems to me, is the only good idea we have received so far. Perhaps we will get another idea that good by and by—-and then we will have two good ideas. - he goes on to say that he has an idea this second good idea might have something to do with music

    my own guess is the good idea we could get from music would include - listen to each other, play in tune and in time, do it from your heart, be a part of something bigger than yourself