Tuesday, March 23, 2021

everyday an election among the arteries

  • Good news: the manic up has crashed
  • Bad news: the manic down has launched
  • Good news for me: I don't angrily aggregate the day's shitlordshit when manic down
  • Bad news for many daily readers: I don't angrily aggregate the day's shitlordshit when manic down
  • Good news: I'm 1/3 through Tokarczuk's *Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead,* picked up on a what the fuck off a return cart in the Library, I don't trust my reading but I'm delighted to say it appears the forest animals are murdering their hunters
  • Bad news: I've no faith this will turn out to be true 
  • Good news: I tell myself what I write down is better than what I write up
  • Bad news: I convince myself what I write down is better than what I write up which only leads to up in search of reasons for down
  • Good news: Duckdog in our blooming cherry tree



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G.C. Waldrep

but which door does the breath open
is it a god of flowers / is it a god of bones
every day an election
among the arteries, the veins
is it a god of wool, the miner’s
vestal burden
he pauses before the doors,
row upon row / —is it a god of doors
driven into the muscle of the breath
now the victor-vein approaches
holding its god to its bruised eye


one could declare an end to all charity
one could reprise the torturer’s role
for which the will
weaves its glittering costume
(whitening in the wheat’s blond choir)
from the equestrian depths, the mows
(for which the will weaves
its sober costume)
the coronary moon inclined to pass
through rather than over the forest,
from the briefs of their former hosts 


UPDATE! Duckdog, Napoleon, Rust Schnauzer, Wire Cat, cherry blossoms




  1. 1)i was hoping to see duckdog again, so i consider duckdog's arboreal appearance as good news - and with regard to a diminishment of aaargh aggregations here - who knows if it's good or bad?

    2)and speaking of seeing animals or approximations thereof, the hudson review essay you point to with its subtitle On translating a literary plague in the time of pandemic is titled Like Sheep

    2a)i took from my bookshelf yesterday john ralston saul's the unconscious civilization - the blurb at amazon says In this intellectual tour de force, Saul argues that the West now toils unconsciously in the grip of a stifling "corporatist" structure that serves the needs of business managers and technocrats as it promotes the segmentation of society into competing interest groups and ethnic blocks.

    in the paperback edition it has a photo of the author on the cover - but i have the hardcover, which has a background sort of like a black and white marble composition notebook cover - yesterday i looked at it more closely and realized it was photo of a flock of sheep from above

    3)my thoughts turned to this author because he recently tweeted, with regard to the monarchy's role as head of state of my ancestral country, that although various constraints meant the de jure situation would continue, it was still possible to de-emphasize the royal family - stop putting the portrait on the currency, for example, no longer mention the monarch in oaths of office taken by officials, etc - this seemed reasonable to me

    3a)more of his remarks over the years can be seen at


  2. "Right now we're singing along with the Allman Brothers: 'Ramblin' Man'," said the Whale. "Be well."