Thursday, April 22, 2021

Now the Tree's Murder Is Its Own Blackout

I have been skipping traditional birthday posts here, the last I did was Lena Lovich on March 30, I did not keep a list of who I skipped (but wish I had as bump for this sentence) and I'll do the research April 2022 to remember who I skipped, I'm sure there are more than a dozen more my stations of my crosses than Lena Lovich's station
I did not look the night-before-last for yesterday's and didn't notice yesterday's until looking for today's that yesterday a double birthday, Iggy was 74, Robert Smith 62, four months and a week older than me

iggy song

I listen to any Iggy song I hear but haven't personally sought out and played an Iggy song except on his birthdays or songs for a week off a new album release in two decades
I can play maybe a dozen and a half Iggy songs anytime I want in my head
I can play dozens of Cure songs in my head anytime I want
I seek out my Cure CDs (both those I bought and those SeatSix burned for me all the fucking time)

cure song

Friends and Beloveds worry that I am angry on the road to Mad, and more, please shut the fuck up, you told me this already
I agree, why I took it out on traditional BLCKDGRD birthday posts I've a theory
I'm manipulated to be mad I'm not madder and mad I'm not sadder I do dick about it

iggy song

Sadd(l)er days of my life, when there's no daily catastrophic kaboom in some room of my eleven houses I know something's wrong
Sad, not mad, is new, I agree with friends and beloveds mad is not sustainable as an antidote to sad, which is new
Robert Smith is four months and one week older than me

Cure song

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