Friday, April 16, 2021

Radiant Dog on Doublecross, and I, By Night, a Raven Fly

Update! Gag Six

Old gag but true flag signaling to not post here again until it doesn't feel like (this post ) filler (is) but
operates on the same principal and with a high but not as high success rate as the Napoleon Emergency Alert System
and usually un-Evergreens my shitjams of utter fucklessness
but not as effective as this antibiotic the oral surgeon prescribed before and after hammering out a dead tooth and planting a dead man's bone in my mouth in which he embedded a peg (it will come back to you) is rzzzing my digestive system, burp, fine metaphors abound, that makes five old gags, I prescribe them for everything
Crash coming one way or other though I did reschedule the surgery for this week knowing two weeks ago the crash inevitable


John Godfrey

Radiant dog on doublecross, and I,
by night, a raven fly. My fear
is that eternity has an alm
that is ordinary to ten thousand
and worn from my strings, my console
of limbs, and I a missing part.
It is the world that's new, not I,
and submarines can shoot the land
from the wheelbarrow of sickly pastorals.
Give me the swamp any day! or the huts
that pave the slave to freedom.
From a small cloud in my ears
the song has leapt the valley
curtained with snow, and for ascendant
harmony the gambler thumbs his cards.
Of all the queens one is a witch
whose curse is that she's held.
The horses roll the stone and trot
after their maturity sweepstakes.
This time the homeliest won't ride
my bet into hasty subtract glue.
The pieces fly and here I lie,
triangle of head and gut and thigh.
Put me on my mount, Tomahawk, and
past the river our cortege will dust
the heavy fur, and peasants' prayers
will touch the smell of holy cadaver.
I will have sun and manly rage,
and Mike Atlas will trim me up
to rip the bier from my brother's
hearse, and avenge me for my loss.
The gallows hurt! and for my scheme
I hang on the bridge's span
where my mother will trust my lips
with tears, the ones I send her now.


  1. i read godfrey's poem and after doing so entered some of the words in the first sentence into a search engine

    i found - someone's commonplace book - among the entries there was

    Finally, you asked what you could do, how to behave. Please, take care of yourself. Seek out beautiful things, inspirations, connections and validating friends. Perhaps you could keep a journal and write stuff down. The written word can put to rest many imagined demons. Identify things that concern you in the world and make incremental efforts to remedy them. At all costs, try to cultivate a sense of humour. See things through that courageous heart of yours. Be merciful to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be kind.

    – Nick Cave

  2. speaking of submarines that can shoot the land

    Russia Is Still Testing Its Terrifying Apocalypse Torpedo

    The bus-sized Poseidon is designed to destroy coastal targets with a multi-megaton warhead.