Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Ominous as a Closed Fist

Napoleon didn't show up for breakfast Monday morning nor at any point in the day for food and water or when we walked in the evening and, home after, opened doors and called him before we tried to sleep, we'd held him Sunday night, he only disappeared for 24 hours

Weird, unusual, our anxiety, but this time both Earthgirl and I overwhelmed with ominous worry, Earthgirl couldn't sleep at all, but at her 230 in the morning open the door every half an hour and hope opening the door there he was

*He* hasn't left the yard since, runs his snaggle-toothed self to any door we open any time we open a door, something spooked the fuck out of him and he forgot his way home from as far as he ran like each of us have done, do, and will do with increasing frequency and severity but only if we are fuck lucky

This getting old shit. Getting old shit this. Old shit this getting. Shit this getting old.

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Dick Allen

It approaches from the sea, too small
For thunder and lightning
But ominous as a closed fist
And what it will bring

Nearing us, growing larger,
Is completely unknown.
Beware the leaves blowing, beware
The spot on the sun.

All is turned toward it. It rides
The brow of the mind.
Soon, it will shadow one cliff
And a small coastal shrine.

Beware the leaves blowingbeware
The spot on the sun.
Do your work well. Behold
The work yet to be done.


  1. In less than a block you've relieved my urge to deep dive for the casuals into the history of the New World's using UFOs to sanctify their adventures.

    Viva Napoleon!

  2. 1/with regard to an older cat who has access to the outside -

    on my cat pau's last day i chased and grabbed him as he was about to sneak into the woods and not come back - or so i thought although it is possible i was mistaken but i don't think so - and later that day we took him to a big box vet clinic - on perry parkway in g**th*rsb*rg - where various diagnostic procedures established there was no hope and he was humanely euthanized and cleaned up and put into a nice box and we brought him home and buried him in the back yard

    if i could do it again i would just let him sneak away