Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Some Sucked Theirs Like the Only Orange

Lordy, a bidenite colleague bitching about Manchin as if Biden isn't delighted to have a Manchin, do you know there are people who still believe Democrats didn't scheme (look at the winnable Senate races Democrats deliberately lost, I said) to be manchinned (blank stare) Why, I asked, would Station Manager Ken delete DJs who wanted to stay but still hasn't filled the WFMU Thursday morning midnight to three shift? (Blank stare) I woke up this morning (I said to bidenite colleague yesterday) with Chinacat from Europe 72 in my head (bland stare)

Free America v Smart America v Real America v Just America
Capitalism: the hell of the same
Debunking the capitalism cowboy
MAN575CHINNews of a collaboration between Art Spiegelman and Robert Coover
Coover who *I* think any new work kaboomier news than new Dara snore new Dara not kaboom at allRealism's revenge
RIP J Hillis MillerWas mid-90s I was in grad school, I had to read, he wasn't as turgid as most
One of my smartest decisions, not pursuing the PhD, for important personal reasons mostly, but I'd be lying if knowing I would never need read Big Brain theories on the novel and poetry ever again was almost incentive enough
Authoritarianism is a symptom of panic
Had to read Stuart Hall tooDying wetlandsMotherfucking Democrats Motherfucking Democrats Motherfucking Democrats Motherfucking Democrats Motherfucking Democrats Motherfucking Democrats
I'm 75 pages in to the new Dara, it's like all the other Dara's, I respect more than like, admire more than love
I am a fool for jangly shimmery pop songs


W.S. Merwin

Some lit theirs at both ends.
Some clutched as a blind man does his cane.
Some sucked theirs like the only orange.
Some packed clean shirts and a few socks in theirs.
Some spent their lives looking for theirs and they were
   wearing it all the time
Some neglected theirs but the roots found a way.
Some buried theirs. The stones tell when and where.


  1. I'm gonna hafta sleep on the revision, having chuckled so at "How much will you eat?"

    1. Much love

      My new rule on revision says end of buzz, end or revision

  2. 1/noam chomsky has a new book out - compared with when he and i used to get together, his thinking has gotten more 'end times'

    David Barsamian: You write in the preface, “Will the species survive? Will organized human life survive? Those questions cannot be avoided. There is no way to sit on the sidelines.”

    NC: Like it or not, that’s a fact. It’s this generation that will decide whether human society continues in any organized form, or whether we reach tipping points that are irreversible, and we spin off into total catastrophe.

    2/noam and i - those were the days