Friday, July 23, 2021

Wagging Against My Knuckles

We leave early tomorrow morning at five for Maine and will again do the 495 to 95 to 695 to 83 to 81 to 84 to 90 to 290 to 495 to 95 to US1A in Bangor, the 1A to Maine 3 in Ellsworth then as soon as on Mount Desert Island right on unmarked Maine 102 to Seal Cove, should be there in time for sunset if all goes well. We will hike up The Gorge to Cadillac and will Great Wass again (Hi drip! I hope you are well and reading this somewhere, the rock eggs are gems), the rest we'll figure out, we're fluctuating on Isle au Haut, try something(s) new. Napoleon last night on our walk joined us out of a yard seven blocks and two streets away from our house, he heard our voices and waited until the last second to meow Surprise! and got a free ride home, over-under on day/time I post the Alert Monday 26th 7:oo pm EDT. We still have not bought the pies, sweet or savory, at the Somesville Family Meeting House on Wednesday afternoons, our landlords urge us, especially for the savory, note to self, and we will buy our produce from the University of the Atlantic's organic farm and collective. Reminded this week not to trust my bosses who tip their hands to me they do not trust their bosses who they thought they had fooled whereas I knew my bosses never think about me at all unless they must. Big birthdays during this trip, I won't pray to the wifi gods, revolution, the heavy-weightiest days a week ahead. The more I vow not to bark at my shitlords' algorithmically generated stimuli the more I gaze into their delivery devices' eyes. Cohen's first person chatty Netanyahus recommended by trustworthies, I have it to fail a second time. Believe I have successfully downloaded my Bandcamp purchases for an entirely new 495 to 95 to 895 to 83 to 81 to 84 to 90 to 290 to 495 to 95 to US1A in Bangor, the 1A to Maine 3 in Ellsworth then as soon as on Mount Desert Island right on unmarked Maine 102 to Seal Cove soundtrack, songs from two of the albums bracketing this meander. Yes I'm reading Proust, the only thing that sustainably works fuck my gnawing awareness I'm reading Proust in English so missing 80%, dude's now in the barracks with Saint Loup, dude's weird horniness for Saint Loup's aunt aflame We are not going to climb Champlain this year not for the up but for the down, I'm taking sticks this year

What is the experiment, again?
An immigrant living through American decline
The propaganda war (and how to fight it)
The single worse government in the world
Why neoliberals need neofascists
The anarchist in the network
Man in the box575Poison ivy
Ed Ward gets himself into one last sticky situation
The mournfulness of cities
As the human village prepares for its fate
Don't take it personally
Anne Boyer on watercolors
New Steve Gunn song!


Eileen Myles

You’re like
a little fruit
you’re like
a moon I want
to hold
I said lemon slope
about your
because it’s one
of my words
about you
I whispered
in bed
this smoothing
the fruit &
then alone
with my book
but writing
in it the pages
against my knuckles
in the
light like a


  1. andy pratt's 'deer song' is one of my favourite songs that specifically mentions maine in the lyrics

    the whole album can be heard at

    it starts with 'avenging annie', ends with 'deer song' -- it has been said that chrissie hynde of the pretenders recommended the album on twitter

    1. speaking of 'avenging annie', there's a spirited cover of it by cincinnati band 'the raisins' on youtube - later some of them were with adrian belew in 'the bears'

      andy pratt built this song on woody guthrie's 'pretty boy floyd' - bank robber charles floyd got that nickname because he would wear a white button-up dress shirt and slacks to work in the oil fields