Sunday, August 8, 2021

You Want to Have Feet

Earthgirl's feet and Fleabus last night
How Hannah Arendt's fans misread the post truth presidency
US liberals' hysteria outlives Trump, or: Always decorum, never policy
In the supreme irony of our times, many of the same liberals who were so concerned about Trumpist authoritarianism four years ago have enthusiastically accepted a system of social media censorship in which ideas that contradict the findings of established authorities are in certain cases banished from the public sphere. And they are slowly but clearly coming round to the administration’s proposal to turn the government’s surveillance powers on what is called ‘domestic extremism’. It was fears of Trumpist authoritarianism that made this new, liberal authoritarianism possible.
It can simultaneously be true, I said to a friend Friday, that the threat of right-wing extremist violence is real and that any government measures meant to thwart it are made with an eye of the more dangerous, to our shitlords, risk to the system of the rise of left-wing populism. Fair trade, she said.
Reading what was never written
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English is fucked upEnglish spelling is ridiculous. Sew and new don’t rhyme. Kernel and colonel do. When you see an ough, you might need to read it out as ‘aw’ (thought), ‘ow’ (drought), ‘uff’ (tough), ‘off’ (cough), ‘oo’ (through), or ‘oh’ (though). The ea vowel is usually pronounced ‘ee’ (weak, please, seal, beam) but can also be ‘eh’ (bread, head, wealth, feather). Those two options cover most of it – except for a handful of cases, where it’s ‘ay’ (break, steak, great). Oh wait, one more… there’s earth. No wait, there’s also heart.
575My fucking free blagging platform has deliberately disabled or ignored that it's broken the ability to add to and manage my blegrells, I've moribund to move to purgatory and new reads I use the blegrells to remember to read, effing gaggle
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Luminous NovelLevrero interview
The below is now this shitty blog's Theme Song Twelve, odds I can remember off the top of my head all the previous eleven at all much less in order less that 100-1 (if I tried, which I'm not)


Jane Hirshfield

Little soul,
you have wandered
lost a long time.

The woods all dark now,
birded and eyed.

Then a light, a cabin, a fire, a door standing open.

The fairy tales warn you:
Do not go in,
you who would eat will be eaten.

You go in. You quicken.

You want to have feet.
You want to have eyes.
You want to have fears.

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