Sunday, November 28, 2021

But What About the Predatory Hand?

Now in my hand!

Which I had been waiting for for weeks in all expectation that I'd begin reading immediately, not having read anything that stuck until earlier this week when suddenly, for the first time in months, I reconnected with that seven volume 4000 page translated from the French obsessive monologue masked as a novel, I'm in volume three, the narrator has just discovered that his friend Saint-Loup's mistress is a whore the narrator had seen (if not had) on sale for twenty francs in a brothel years earlier, if I disconnect from that cinderblock now to try to connect to the cinderblock above (translated from the Polish) - and I might not *if* I tried - I may not reconnect to the French cinderblock until when? Twenty-seven new covid plague strains from now? Meanwhile:

Moon above our house Wednesday night, below our house after Earthgirl installed a present for me Thursday night, it's so inside a joke (and not what you think), a small but huge offering, the telling would bore you but happy smile for me

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Marianne Moore

You do not seem to realize that beauty is a liability rather than 
    an asset – that in view of the fact that spirit creates form we are justified
      in supposing 
      that you must have brains. For you, a symbol of the unit, stiff
        and sharp,
    conscious of surpassing by dint of native superiority and liking
      for everything self-dependent,
on anything an ambitious civilization might produce: for you, unaided, to attempt 
      through sheer 
    reserve to confute presumptions resulting from observation is
      idle. You cannot make us 
      think you a delightful happen-so. But rose, if you are brilliant, it
    is not because your petals are the without-which-nothing of pre- 
      eminence. You would look, minus
thorns – like a what-is-this, 
a mere peculiarity. They are not proof against a storm, the elements, or mildew
    but what about the predatory hand? What is brilliance without
      coordination? Guarding the 
      infinitesimal pieces of your mind, compelling audience to
    the remark that it is better to be forgotten than to be remembered too
your thorns are the best part of you.


  1. 1/i enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos of elizabeth bishop house in great village, nova scotia

    2/there's a website -

    3/henri cole is right to give us some history of the inhabitants over time, although he is mistaken about one point - the new england settlers who came after the acadians were expelled did not come "north by land" - they arrived by boat - many photographs of the monument in honour of this can be seen at

    our friends at wikipedia tell us The landing at Hortonville was used in 1755 to deport the majority of Acadians from Grand Pre during the Bay of Fundy Campaign of the Expulsion of the Acadians and is today marked by an Acadian Memorial Cross.

    The same landing was used in 1760 when New England Planters, led by Robert Denison, arrived to re-settle the Grand Pre area and is marked by a National Historic Sites and Monuments Board plaque commemorating the Planters. The settlement was named Horton Township after Horton Hall, the English country estate of George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax, chairman of the British Board of Trade which was in charge of English settlements in Nova Scotia.

    a poignant photo of the cross memorializing of the acadian deportation in the foreground, with the modest monument to their successors in the background, appears on wikipedia at,_Nova_Scotia

    5/where did we come from? why are we here? where are we going? what do we need to do to whom in order to have some lunch?

  2. accidentally omitted

    4/among these new england planters were some of my ancestors

    who knows if it's good or bad?