Friday, December 24, 2021

It Was Like Making Love to My Shadow

My Next Gen Clusterfuck Metaphor of the Day: Picard returns to the Enterprise to get his saddle discovers the crew supposedly conducting a barium sweep up to no good, the barium sweep has started, any living cell barium swept be dead, Picard uses his saddle to capture the nogoodnik who'll be a Bejoran terrorist in the penultimate Next Gen episode and a Vulcan cast member on Voyager. Picard threatens torture and death with a laser welder, the nogoodnik scoofs, says, you're Starfleet, you won't kill me. Picard zaps him with one of those across all franchises Star Trek neck needles that fart upon injection, I guess you're right, says Picard, then leaves him unconscious to die in the barium sweep

The episode is entitled *Starship Mine,* S6E18: though the barium sweep took only an hour Picard had time to return to his quarters to fetch his bat'leth, er, crossbow, *then* go to sickbay to cook up a knockout drug he coated his arrows in and (also had time to make contact explosives and get to ten forward and apply them to the floor, I'll get back to this, or, now that I think about it, not, will just note that all the nogoodniks died in the barium sweep because of Picard except for the super hot leader Kelsey who died when the ship she escaped in blew up because Picard deliberately damaged the carrier containing the explosive the super hot leader Kelsey stole) shot another nogoodnick in the thigh, Starfleet doesn't kill when wounding and disarming will do, the guy passes out and dies in the barium sweep

Forgive me, this episode fascinates me, I never saw West Wing but can vouch Next Gen the poison of choice for my complicity for a generation
Dear Angry Cracker Jesus of Helmetball, please stricken Alabama, Georgia, and Michigan
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The contrast is between shameless fraud and sadism on the one hand, and shamefaced venality and bumbling on the other.
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Jorma Kaukonen born 81 years ago yesterday, I posted all three of these to twaater yesterday, they got a combined 79 views, not a single click to listen, not a like much less reply, that Jefferson Airplane album is one of my five most listened to albums ever and if you followed Starship instead of Hot Tuna after Airplane crashed you lost
Dan has a new book review up at his joint
I am 2/5ths through the Big Blue Bible
The Spicer from the new Uncollected


Jack Spicer

It was like making love to my shadow
I know who you are, I said
I can make love to you in three voices
None of which have to do with poetry
It was pity, he said
Pity which makes the heart move with
Nothing to do with poetry.
I would drop into deepest prose
No, he said
I agree,
I said, like a whale lamp in my heart. No,
I said it has
Nothing to do with poetry

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  1. Terrific musical choices, and the sampling of Things, as ever. Wish you and the house on the road, there, and yours, and all the cats, Peace and Clarity (the cats may already have that), stretching into time -- and good exercise for the Neues Jahre, that, trying to stretch peace and clarity.