Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Nothing But Psychodrama and Disillusionment

Morton Feldman born 96 years ago today, yes I knew and didn't Bowie last week, yes I know and there will be at least one Beefheart song here three days from now unless there isn't
Sarek is home, we broke him out of prison, which means Sarek may be reading about Sarek for the first time, Sarek, this is an honorific name and done only with love and respect for you. Ask SeatSix to explain the allusion
This is trueBut it is the best metaphor for most things clusterfuck
A final visit with Michael Nesmith
Hilltop so wants to be in an Ivy and will never be an Ivy no matter how much it acts in shady complicity with the Ivies, but laugh, I bet you digital pints the fucks that rule Hilltop more giddy by the headline than worried about fucking legal liability of their laughably lame laundry liability
Comical trolling of Elite America
Pynchon: In the Crater's Vicinity
But crackers want to burn books!
Climate change and insects
Shitlords and Project Vivian
Shitlords and Outer Space
On not hating the body
Ed posted a Tom Clark poem so I thought about Tom and it made me happy
Visit Doom & Gloom daily for your ears and head
Tom a good friend from a digital distance, we shared obsessions, I think we'd have been friends in real life
New Rosie Thomas too! (covering Bjork)
New Spoon (who I should love more than I do) too!
Earthgirl's bday too today, send her a bump in whatever your preferred digital way


Tom Clark

Nothing but psychodrama
and disillusionment
in the canyons of the wealthy

Still there's a swell surprise
up Gibraltar Road a ways
where the red-yellow spectra
of the rising sun to the left (east)
swim up above the marine layer
starting down around Ventura County
and all Montecito's
hazed terrarial shadows erupt at once

The resultant story
of wild peach liqueur
spilled on dirty pillows

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  1. 1/i read the rolling stone article about mike nesmith - thanks for linking to it

    2/my arm is out of the sling now, except for sleeping

    the physical therapist i met with by video says it might be a couple months until i can drive