Sunday, January 30, 2022

Your Gallery, O Wondrous Cloud, Is Empty

Woke up with Sebadoh in my head
It takes a touch of madness to take seriously the possibility that your entire society is insane
I can verify no one is asking me for a chapbook
My daughter and son-in-law earnestly working towards self-reliance in defiance of shitlords
I need to excoriate myself ritualistically over wordpress roulette
Shitlord marketers making you proud you grow your own radishes
I have over a thousand CDs and suddenly no CD player, the car has no CD player, the machine I type this sentence on has no cd player
I could borrow an infernal hard drive and rip the cds to what, fucking iTunes?
In links below, a link to apps shitlords use to extract profit from your prayers to Jesus Cracker and another to extract profit from your direst suicidal moments, I tweeted about the Jesus (Straight) Caucasian project, digibud kia sums it up best: This is the dream, where you pay them to take your content and sell it without giving you a cut.
Your suicidal thoughts and shitlord profits
aRe yOu in the mARKEt fOr a uSEd cIa tORTURe fACILITy in lITHUANIa?
Your prayers to White Jesus Cracker and shitlord profits
To be fair there is an app or one is in design for your weird faith too
If you murder two people in cold blood your gun will be punished!
The egregious lies Americans tell themselves
On yesterday's bridge collapse from 2018
Shitlords: a how-to on how they shitlordmore here
Ukraine and U.S. War Propaganda
Abolition: notes on a normie shitstorm
Crackers are sore winners
Shitlords, motherfucking pigs, infrastructure
Walking DC from east to west
People don't trust liars
Biggest riminalcay anggay in mericaay
When you're definitely not a police state
When you're definitely not a police state
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Spotify is not a music company
{ feuilleton }'s weekend links
The sublime ironies of John Ashbery
On the practice of *personal criticism*
Turning stories upside-down
Another Will Oldham/Bill Callahan interview
We do what we're toldWe do what we're told
Apologies for the bleggalgaze, at least I didn't add Combine helmetball and legalized sports betting (multiple friends now tell me gambling app ads on broadcast helmetball a higher percentage of gambling app ads on DC's biggest radio station where I can vouch they are two-fifths if not half), make you pay for what you bet on and take your money betting on it, another fine example
Robert Wyatt 77th bday two days ago


John Ashbery

Body, what do you think?
To have been a right to know
and colored like Elizabeth...
We porched around th' unpopulated air
and grassy ornament. Your gallery,
O wondrous cloud, is empty.
What's going on up here?

You'd cup their hands, but I'm
like this cat here - make very serious activity
too long ago, half-thinking
of what the X---- are able to achieve.
In the Shetland navy
wife takes his things
and cleans armpits and assuages
the clean mud.


  1. 1/you point to caitlin johnstone's piece titled It takes a touch of madness to take seriously the possibility that your entire society is insane.

    2/a little over a year ago i posted in this blog's comments area

    ...[Gurdjieff] had no purpose comprehensible to the average, relatively satisfied human being. A prerequisite to any understanding of his aims and an even relative acceptance of his means was dissatisfaction with the status quo in a personal sense, and dissatisfaction with, or distrust of, the state of civilization as we know it.

    His avowed aim, as stated in his book All and Everything is to "destroy" all contemporary habits, opinions, preconceptions, etc., concerning human existence; such destruction being a necessary condition for the reception and acquisition of totally new concepts about the potentialities of human existence.

    In one of the few "political" statements he ever made in my presence he said that unless the "wisdom" of the East and the "energy" of the West could be harnessed and used harmoniously, the world would be destroyed.

    --- Fritz Peters, My Journey with a Mystic

    3/procol harum with orchestra and chorus, london palladium, 2018

    "life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?"

  2. eyeToons is alright as long as you can keep it from connecting you to their store. I have a separate computer for all of my music, so I don't have it connected to anything other than powered speakers or headphones. I like the interface, titles, info, ability to categorize, etc. But I can understand, what with whatever the latest version does, why someone wouldn't want to go there. Also, I only had fewer than 500; am glad I got them built into my juke toy, tho.