Thursday, September 29, 2022

Someone Who Spends His Life Drawing Profiles Will End Up Believing That Man Has One Eye



  1. For now fixed, this. I vowed years ago not to fuck with this blog's background and banner and kept that vow, I now vow that when next time this gag goes sideways I can in no way blame myself for fucking around where I don't know shit about fixing
  2. I've got six pounds of fentanyl disguised as skittles stamped with George Soros' face, what the fuck am I going to do with them now that Fox News broke the story and so now no cracker kids will trick or treat my house, and George... GEORGE! where's my money?
  3. Not lie about here: relief, no lie: not kidding or self-deprecating when I say this an important archive and memory palace, I need my memory palaces, this getting old shit
  4. *Lack of academic scaffolding I was told when told no by those with ample academic scaffolding,* I tweeted at a poet with a doctorate in not medicine but tags herself Doctor when poet complained about meter and rhyme Nazis
  5. DC political writer, cracker-beat, and long-time resident, someone, not SOMEONE, but someone, engaging in a twitter battle with a twooter with 350 followers, the fuck? even if said cracker said, You should come visit DC (or something like that, to go back and get it accurately would be research, fuck that, Reason #451 I don't have academic scaffolding)
  6. I did a lot of thinking in the Blog Big House, all I was made of was time, anxious not frantic, new and positive if ultimately confirming my compulsions
  7. Poet with academic scaffolding did respond with a heart so noted here to remind me how small I make myself large
  8. Dentist yesterday, entire jaw numbed solid, those three creepy minutes when novacaine fights for its life then dies, today in fine metaphors abounding
  9. Thank you to everyone who wrote, concerned, and thanks to those of you who answered the question about link-fishing, it will continue, just not today
  10. The new Lambchop album drops tomorrow! have a pre-released song



Anne Carson

A bad trick. Mistake. Dishonesty. These are
the view of Braque. Why? Braque rejected
perspective. Why? Someone who spends his
life drawing profies will end up believing
that man has one eye, Braque felt. Braque
wanted to take full possession of objects.
He has said as much in published inter-
views. Watching the small shiny planes of
the landscape recede out of his grasp filled
Braque with loss so he smashed them. Na-
ture morte
, said Braque.


  1. Dude, you were officially disappeared by the panopticon search engine! HUZZAH!! I am impressed. Welcome back (?, since you are not sure). I guess I can get off my wheel now. Yo, I know someone who canoes the Potomac and he came across one of those giant caterpillars near Great Falls last summer.

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