Friday, October 21, 2022

When I Think of You Reading This I Do Not Want You to Be Taken Captive

We're gonna contribute to fossil fuel's climate destruction of the world tomorrow, driving to Michigan to visit my daughter and son-in-law for eight days, Kensington to Frederick to Hancock to the hellhole that is Breezewood to Toledo to Ann Arbor to Chelsea to Pring Bake Drive, and then the next week driving around to hike peak Fall foliage and then the drive home following Sunday. I packed no paint, no canvases, no fountain pen ink, no brushes, just tablet, ballpoint pens, number two pencils, so for at least the next ten days you will be spared these:

You will get plenty of Fall foliage photos, it's peak - have I mentioned that? - now in Michigan, we're hiking every day. I've been advised by I, my son-in-law, to avoid country stores, especially the Portage Lake country store, avert eyes from pick-up drivers zooming around me in no-pass zones, and avoid talking politics with any locals I meet on the disc golf course, the mid-terms ratcheting up the blue-red divide in south-central Michigan, here's a self-portrait of myself as a cat

Also in my complicity, we can't get into the AirBnb until Sunday afternoon so tomorrow night we stay in the Comfort Inn in Chelsea, I've been advised to not sit in the breakfast lounge and tap my laptop in a room full of almost certainly unvaccinated hunters, and of course will make at least one stop at the Portage Lake country store, wearing a mask, I want the look on the woman's face when she recognizes me and then see if a Acksonjay County sheriffs deputy in the parking lot at the same time next day. Sunday morning, game time decision, Chelsea Michigan Comfort Inn breakfast lounge, it's been at least three years since I typed a post from a hotel's breakfast lounge. I've used all the  ink & watercolor & watercolor ink mixes (though I still have some brown/rust wet residue, see cat above), time out self for a week plus

If our shitlords did not want Crackerstan they would not be promoting the shittiest crackers with such fervor
Capitalism is either eternal or it isn't
Ideological origins of the New Right
Did you know that I want crackers to eat cockroaches while I dine on the blood of their children?
Tell me again I'm the irrational kook and threat
Immigration, exploitation, and social democracy
The latest in your surveilling yourself for shitlord profits!
Top five cracker-whisperer lies about public education
It's gotten awkward to wear a mask
Free Speech and unfree universities
Reminder: there is a direct connection between intensifying cracker-baiting and shitlords looting every fucking thing to buy yachts and luxury missile silo bunkers
Waiting for the fallBig new prinz
Is it fair to run up the score against out-numbered eight-year-olds?
Ten great places in Moco for Fall foliage
We used to smoke dope at this nuclear missile silo!
The criticism of *Lessons," the lessons of criticism
Mantel interview circa *Place of Greater Safety*
Digibud Brad interviewed about his bookstore, buy your product from Brad, please
Of course there will be mention of any and all interactions I have with Red Michiganders, especially the deputies of the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, and yes, we will wear orange when hiking, hunters hunt where hikers hike
I absolutely adore this song as those of you who know me knew I would I when you listened to it (or not) the first time I posted it


Ann Carson

Major things are wind, evil, a good fighting
horse, prepositions, inexhaustable love, the
way people choose their king. Minor things
include dirt, the names of schools of phil-
osophy, mood and not having a mood, the 
correct time. There are more major things
than minor things overall, yet there are more
minor things than I have written here, but it
is disheartening to list them. When I think
of you reading this I do not want you to
be taken captive, separated by a wire mesh
lined with glass from your life itself, like
some Elektra.


  1. “The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” – G. K. Chesterton

  2. 1. Hope you be driving safe.

    2. You're not irrational, you're different. You're not a threat, you're a visionary, whether or not you're right.

    3. Sorry, can't optimize "kook." My bad, but if it were a problem, we'd have been quits 40 years ago.

    4. Running up the score in kids sports is fucking despicable. Doing anything other than making sure kids have fun at their sports is fucking despicable. But my tribal did enjoy it a lot when Bam's bocce team skunked the hell out of that green and yellow school. My bad. I welcome the hell that awaits.

    5. LOL @ the Ag Reserve being "a" place. It's a third of the fucking county running from just outside my door to Tridelphia and Frederick and Lisbon. It's ginormous. It's a hundred, a thousand, a million different places. The two of us could drive separately through the Ag Reserve all fucking day and never drive the same paths. Or, being who and what we are, could run into each other at every intersection, half-remember nine things that happened within a half mile of there, and go on to the next.

    6. There being only three ways from west/south to east/north in Gaithersburg without going by way of Germantown, and not wanting to take the same way twice in a day while chauffeuring Bam, I pass by that nike site five days a week on the afternoon journey (Bam HATES the lights on QO at GSH and Longdraft coming west/south, very loudly, so it's the straightish line in the morning and through town to the old muddy in the afternoon) and peer down the lane to see what I can see. I pass the other nike site once a week after picking up Bam's Tuesday pizza at Fallsgrove (on the third and byfar most hellish way across Gburg).

    7. I was hoping to get to 8 so I could forget what it was for, but I'm just a big bag of fail this morning. Safe travels.