Sunday, December 18, 2022

Recycling Requires a Cycle and We Melted the Axle

My not wanting to and/or inability to bother to write of late should disturb me more than it does. While I bitch about nobody recognizing my genius as theme one and have since day one that never stopped me before. I know my tick of explaining what I said after I just said it a fatal flaw, let me tell you in detail how and why. I read out loud every Rukeyser poem she wasn't reading herself from her birthday post three days ago, I still love the written word but fewer and fewer people writing them, me especially. The coming apocalypse already old news and I am going blind but can finally see all of red's spectrum so I take off my glasses and make things instead of writing, my daughter and son-in-law and wife get double-sided squares for giftmas I make on breaks at the Preservation Department's table on windowless Lau 3, you've glanced at and quickly skip passed them here and a few of you there. Did you know our children will die early and miserably for our sins? Of course you did, let me explain how and why

Olive has the largest vocabulary of any cat I've met
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Brenda Shaughnessy

1. Won’t Stop

What an unusual winter, to last till fall,
such a bad water this year, so full of elements
and hardly any specials.

I imagine the temperature had a hand in it,
this new kind of hot we’re having, like the clouds
pressed off on all the buttons

and seeped themselves away asocially.
Early retirement in dapplement—all the branches
signed off. Leaves left; they fell well before fall.

The changing of the seasons went viral
and now we have Sunter, Sprummer, Wing, and Wall.

2. Can’t Stop Too Hot

One foot in flip-flop, the other snow boot.
One hatchling learns to conserve energy (someone has to)
detaching its wings, hitching a ride

with a stressed-out vole. Flying’s not fuel-
efficient. A snake sheds its skin and crawls
into the shell with a turtle. They make room.

For my part, I imagine how a coyote re-eats its
plastic waste. This imagining requires no action,
which also, awfully, it’s true, saves energy.

Recycling requires a cycle and we melted
the axle, affixed the spindle. We stay still.
Hoping to grow some chlorophyll.

Soon everywhere will be too far to travel.
Too hot to go outside but in—in skin—
no place to breathe easy, either.


  1. 1/that's a photo of a remarkably expressive cat

    2/carl jung and kpop

    2.1/ BTS's 'Map of the Soul: 7' part of Rolling Stone's '50 Greatest Concept Albums Of All Time'

    2.2/girl group billlie's music video 'GingaMingaYo (the strange world)'

    begins with a sentence on the screen, in english, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." ... this is from jung

    other videos of this song do not have the quotation at the beginning - you can watch a one take [no switching cameras] stage performance at

    or the same routine with the camera always centered on tsuki's face

    1. the photo of olive's expression reminds me of these comments by former c.i.a. analyst larry c. johnson

      What happened to Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame is relevant to what is going on now with respect to intelligence about Ukraine. There are analysts inside the CIA who know that the Biden Administration is lying. But they also know that they and their families would be destroyed if they dared to speak up and counter the propaganda that is flooding the media –i.e., print, electronic and social.

      The Covert Action arm of the CIA is in control of the messaging and brokers no dissent or alternative view. While Hollywood has played a major role in perpetuating the myth that CIA covert action is effective and successful, an honest appraisal of those actions carried out over the last 60 years would show utter, abject failure. The actions in Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and now, Ukraine, have not made the United States nor the nations of the world more secure. These actions have sowed chaos, terrorism and enormous human suffering.

      The sickening truth revealed in the satirical piece in the New Yorker evokes horror and grief if one considers the millions of lives lost as a consequence of these actions. I can only pray that the current efforts underway in Ukraine will come to an inglorious end without plunging the world into a nuclear holocaust.

      2/one of g.i. gurdjieff's aphorisms written on the wall of his study center in france was

      "Practice love first on animals, they are more sensitive."