Saturday, February 11, 2023

feather duster, thatch of straw, empty bottle of Elmer's glue because this window is loud—its hinges clack open, clack shut

Third slowest Blegsylvanian weekend of the year and Holiest Weekend of the Crackerstani Year, yinz and helmetball, the fuck is wrong with you. Here's a second draft before I fuck it up with letters and clear elmer's glue (more than I already have)

My wife, an artist and art teacher, and my daughter, an artist and art teacher, are both encouraging me to submit my paintings to this contest, and both are doing so without using their art teacher voices, I'm flattered. 

And I've toggled. Fuck it, I rather paint than read, I'd rather paint than write, and I'm reading and writing better prioritizing painting than when I tried to ignore I wanted to prioritze painting but felt a moral obligation to prioritize reading and writing. The fuck is wrong with me. So: peace, as much as I currently can negotiate with myself 

Vital reminder: I've less academic scaffolding with art than I do with poetry. I can't draw. I've no illusions as to their worth. I can't draw. The only reason I'm considering entering the contest is to lose, to have that confirmed. But yesterday L and I went to Phillips in Dupont Circle, the first art museum since this toggle, and I (a) look at art differently now, the work as a process rather than an end result, and more importantly (b) I process the micro and macro days cleaner and crisper and happier painting than writing, cop out it may be, and (c) I don't want to look at classical painting more than I don't want to listen to classical music now, laugh. Vital reminder: my sole proof of God is that I can't draw and especially that I can't sing

He's trying to figure out how to navigate this bullshit historical moment, to alternately cope with and resist our slide into Christofascism,
"It is a clear indicator of the disappearance of freedom from our so-called western democracies, that Sy Hersh, arguably the greatest living journalist, cannot get this monumental revelation on the front of the Washington Post or New York Times, but has to self-publish on the net."
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"Everyone can be in the wrong, everyone can be lying. NATO’s aggression and expansionism doesn’t turn Putin into an innocent little lamb. And Russia’s unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine doesn’t absolve NATO of its responsibility in producing the conflict."
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Michelle Menting

Dog bone, stapler,
cribbage board, garlic press
     because this window is loose—lacks
suction, lacks grip.

Bungee cord, bootstrap,
dog leash, leather belt
     because this window had sash cords.
They frayed. They broke.

Feather duster, thatch of straw, empty
bottle of Elmer's glue
     because this window is loud—its hinges clack
open, clack shut.

Stuffed bear, baby blanket,
single crib newel
     because this window is split. It's dividing
in two.

Velvet moss, sagebrush,
willow branch, robin's wing
     because this window, it's pane-less. It's only
a frame of air.


  1. Do it. If you submit the wrong one, you'll win.

  2. 1. 0 I echo davidly's declaration. In the words of the Black-egger, "Do It !!"
    1.1 I also want to make pictures more than write
    1.2 I can draw, but not good enough to meet my internal standards
    1.3 My internal standards are based more on looking at how well other artists do stuff
    1.3.1 I understand this is a common trap for people making visual things
    1.3.2 Unfortunately it takes resolving societal reprogramming to resolve the trap
    1.3.3 Unfortunately that make take me so long that whoa, I'm Old
    1.4 Fuck it; just make stuff