Monday, March 20, 2023

All the Wolves in the Wolf Factory Paused at Noon for a Moment of Silence

First bluebells of 2023. I've links for you and tomorrow's post is one of two a year not tagged my complicity so if I don't post the links today they'll (some of them) be stale by the time I would (if all goes as planned post after tomorrow's will be photos from a disc golf course in the Laurel Highlands and/or on the Laurel Highlands Trail). Bluebells will be bursting this coming weekend, park on Turkey Foot where it meets Query Mill, take Muddy Branch Trail south 1.6 miles and just after crossing second small creek ford take side trail to right, Bluebell Heaven, here's L hiking that trail Saturday past along the creek that's spring is in my dad's backyard

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Easily one of the ten most posted songs here⬇️


John Ashbery

The crisis has just passed.
Uh-oh, here it comes again,
looking for someone to blame itself on, you, I....

All these people coming in...
The last time we necked
I noticed this lobe on your ear.
Please, tell me we may begin.

All the wolves in the wolf factory paused
at noon for a moment of silence

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