Friday, March 31, 2023

I Lived Between Between a Laugh and a Scowl and Voted Against Myself

These the last two paintings you will see here or the other place until the week after Easter at the very earliest, yay for you!

Driving to Michigan April Fools Day for a week with our daughter and son-in-law. Packed no paint, no canvases, I can’t paint on vacations, no time, no privacy, no urge, no point worrying what to bring, what not, to not paint

If I take no paint and canvases to Michigan and want to paint I can blame me for not taking paint and canvases to Michigan, deem this a failed experiment, then pack them for Maine this July where I'll end up annoyed with me not painting when I packed paint and canvases

I have no plans beyond hiking with L and discing everyday (this Sunday my daughter (C) and my son-in-law (I) and I's bestfriend join me for their first disc experience) while L paints then dinner and games and laughs with C&I on our backporch watching the sunset. I have no plans to post or not post, link-fish or not link-fish, whisper or not whisper, bark or not bark. I have no plans to bleggalgaze or not, debate or not the future of this shitty blog and/or the other shitty blog. I hope to tablet but won't if don't, read but won't if don't. I will toke, enjoy Michigan beer after dinner sitting on the backporch watching the sunset and laughing with and C&I. What blog I'll (me) see. Have I (me) told you there is a new Swans ablum coming and they're released a new song? It's true. I (me) plan to be happy

I will be listening to Richard Dawson, LOTS! Lots. Lots lots lots

I will be listening to Richard Youngs, LOTS! Lots. Lots lots lots

I will be listening to Jenny Hval LOTS! Lots. Lots lots lots


Edward Hirsch

I lived between my heart and my head,
like a married couple who can't get along.

I lived between my left arm, which is swift
and sinister, and my right, which is righteous.

I lived between a laugh and a scowl,
and voted against myself, a two-party system.

My left leg dawdled or danced along,
my right cleaved to the straight and narrow.

My left shoulder was like a stripper on vacation,
my right stood upright as a Roman soldier.

Let's just say that my left side was the organ
donor and leave my private parts alone,

but as for my eyes, which are two shades
of brown, well, Dionysus, meet Apollo.

Look at Eve raising her left eyebrow
while Adam puts his right foot down.

No one expected it to survive,
but divorce seemed out of the question.

I suppose my left hand and my right hand
will be clasped over my chest in the coffin 

and I'll be reconciled at last,
I'll be whole again.


  1. Sounds great; hope all things are in balance and even so are all on the left side of the bell curve.

  2. I guess the joke’s on me and the joke’s on you and it’s all around the world.
    Enjoy your travels and tokes and the sunrise and the sunsets and your family everywhere you go. Home is where you are. . .

  3. 1/these beautiful, colorful circle-shaped paintings remind me of the old school analog light shows of the psychedelic 60s which i saw a very few times live and in person

    2/vietnamese-american writer linh dinh's most recent piece at his substack "postcards from the end" is titled A Sane, Tranquil World is Still Possible

    right now only the first couple of paragraphs are available to non-subscribers, but he may lift the embargo on the rest in a few days

    3/missus charley, an employee of the federal government, got an alert last night on her phone from the emergency management office of her agency- streets downtown are closed today due to cherry blossom observances - that's about as sane and tranquil a reason for street closures as one might hope for

  4. Bon voyage. Play the embedded Swans; a couple of minutes in, begin the embedded Jenny Hval.

  5. The harmonizing contrast, between the minty patina-tones and the citrussy solar (and viscera) tones, in the uppermost painting, is luxuriously calming! These would look great on giant (6-foot diameter) fine china dinner plates! They'd be glazed and shine like they do on the screen (I am doomed to forever imagine things, then want and never have them)!