Friday, March 24, 2023

I Thought of Developing Interests Someone Might Take an Interest In. No Soap

Today in me and fine metaphors abounding: above, fresh gouache on brick from last night, below same brick this morning dried. Regardless of worth or merit, nothing I make retains its peak color dried

Only using brushes now for undercoating, rest of gouache and watercolor ink washes delivered by pipette onto wet canvases (undercoating on brick displayed here pipette-delivered). For example. For example. You didn't look. Neither example as bright and vibrant as when wet. Can't stop making them despite foreknowledge they will dry to fail, only door to peace of mind at end of day I have to myself now

"The American government gives the most help to those who need it least. This is the true nature of our welfare state."
How shtlrds loot public education
On the Chicago mayor's race related to above link
Balko's links on mthrfckng igspay
All pgs are bstrds. Every single one of them.
Trump WANTS a perp walk, dude
This mthrfckng crckr/chrstr looks exactly as you'd imagine
I like far more about Hilltop (I work at Hilltop) than I dislike, but this mthrfckng ghoul and war criminal is sainted here and that's a sin and disgrace
Understanding What's Happening in France⬇️
"What would you say is the biggest problem facing France at the moment? You might think of inflation, of the sharp rise in the cost of food, and the vertiginous increase in fuel prices that is forcing some restaurants and shops to close, and makes it increasingly hard for people to stay warm. You might think of unemployment, poverty, factories closing, jobs sent abroad, corruption in political life at all levels, the effects of uncontrolled immigration, the catastrophic decline of the education system and the collapsing health service. Oh, and you might include global warming, the continued effects of Covid and the consequences of the war in Ukraine. So, of all of those, which subject or subjects is the main priority of France’s President, Emmanuel Macron? What keeps him awake at nights, and what subject is he prepared to stake his reputation and even political survival on? Well, if you’ve been paying attention you will know that the correct answer is “none of the above.” Macron’s obsession, since well before his second coronation in 2022, has been with making poorer French people wait several years longer before they can collect a pension."
Marxism for the Age of Climate Emergency
"In this environment, the only available policy option was for the Fed to ride to the rescue. This was the only response the American political system was capable of generating. At this point, the Fed is not merely the most dynamic part of the American economic policymaking, it is the only part that exhibits any dynamism at all. Whether the Fed is to blame is beside the point. The Fed is the only part of the system that can quickly change its behavior. Because the Fed is the only part of the state that can act, it is always as if the Fed is to blame. Insofar as ought implies can, only the Fed can do anything, so only the Fed ought to do anything."
Worshipping at the altar of The Fed
Dating appsCards from HellHIGH
I was thinking about rereading Karamazov until this reminded me of the scene where asshole kids feed a dog meat with a pin embedded, no, no no no no no: every fucking thing reminds me what ASSHOLES humans are. Every fucking thing.
Review of the new collected Portis (I seem to have been born without the gene, or didn't read when the gene was active, but....)
Getting googlebot and applebot and multiple Chinesebot crawled, lordy, I'm NOBODY, but gonna drop the vowels and/or pig latin crtn mthfckng wrds gng frwrd
I'd bet money it's a coincidence, but this started after the tweet about ghoul and war criminal Mdln Lbrght
I strongly suggest you should be listening to Jenny Hval


John Ashbery

Once upon a time there were two brothers.
Then there was only one: myself.

I grew up very fast, before learning to drive,
even. There was I: a stinking adult.

I thought of developing interests
someone might take an interest in. No soap.

I became very weepy for what had seemed
like the pleasant early years. As I aged

increasingly, I also grew more charitable
with regard to my thoughts and ideas,

thinking them at least as good as the next man’s.
Then a great devouring cloud

came and loitered on the horizon, drinking
it up, for what seemed like months or years.

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