Monday, March 6, 2023

The Censor Uses the Black Crayon to Eradicate Sex

Still haven't bought a gun, haven't committed names to a list, I'm fine, prone to distraught therapeutic hyperbolic performative daydreaming when despondent over mouth-breathing crackers and christers and their Professional Democratic enablers, thank you the three of you for checking in with me after last post, hiking with L past Saturday and Sunday indeed helped, as did discovering mocoparks finally tagged the new trails we've been hiking the past year

Danger Noodle. Built and funded by local mountain biker clubs, name silly until you consider. I mean, who *doesn't* daydream of shooting Ebsay Orkagay, the homophobic fag whale? Reminder: your condoning of behaviors all humans participate in denies the pleasurable sinfulness of behavior those who condemn said behavior enjoy when they, um, trangress, this is why they hate you. I dearly hope the Whistle Pig Loop is not named for America's orkagays

Mocoparks can name new trails whatever they want as long as they keep building new trails. Seven mile circuit - park at Bucklodge Conservancy, Bucklodge Conservancy Loop to Jewelweed Thoroughfare to Danger Noodle to Jewelweed Thoroughfare to to Bucklodge Conservancy, ten mile loop (yesterday's) add in Whistle Pig Loop and long Bucklodge Conservancy loop. 

The contest L & C want me to enter responded yesterday to my email about format and praised the sample I sent and encouraged me to enter the day after I told L I wasn't going to play one way or the other, oops, when you count on the failure of others to rationalize a decision you wanted to pretend to make. To celebrate how this news has not stopped me from daydreaming of shooting Ebsay Orkagay (or Ojay Idenbay, currently selling out DC and signaling he's OK by his silence with the orkagays' eradicalism toward trans people), here's Sparklehorse's *Cow*

Transgender people in the United States are now the victims of stage 8 of the Ten Steps of Genocide
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Railroad shitlordism an American tradition
Ten body parts you can legally sell!
Intergenerational capitalist trauma!
TIMES SIGNSExperimental drafts blog (not mine, don't worry)
"I never said Jews should be eradicated from public life. I said *Judaism* should be eradicated from public life. I may be a buffoonish bigot who stirs rubes to violence, but my cowardice demands a smidgeon of plausible deniability. And you, sir, have libeled me by omitting it."
I also daydream of whacking crackerchristers in the head with a garden shovel and though I do own a garden shovel (well, L does), I have yet to whack a crackerchrister in the head with it
Maggie's weeklyFRESH HELL
Which makes me (a) extraordinarily susceptable to shitlord programming and (b) I know better and (c) enjoy my anger most when it's pissing me of maximally and (d) the angrier and more often we are zolted closer to civil war the more our shitlords are prepping us for World War and (e) reminder: to nine out of ten people *I'm* the weird and dangerous freak
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The Shape of Our Dignity: She Gave Me a Safe Space…
I love birds mostand (f) fertilize w fuck-it


Claire Schwartz

The Censor uses the black crayon
to eradicate sex. On payday, he takes
his wife and son to Shake Shack. Whatever
you want, the Censor says to his wife
when she asks what she should have.
The Censor crosses provide for your family
off of the list he keeps tucked in his billfold. To track
the time, the Censor sings You Are My Sunshine twice
while his son brushes his teeth. The boy shows the glass
his shining mouthstones and growls. He is a bear. No,
he is a boy. In the boy’s drawings, the zebras
are purple and white. His mother hangs
them on the fridge. What beautiful horses,
the Censor says. His wife’s wit trembles, then ebbs.
The children’s nails are clogged with black wax.

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  1. 1/according to the national park service, the marmot species marmota flaviventris is known by the common names yellow bellied marmot, rockchuck, and whistle-pig - the last is also applied to related species

    my favorite movie, when released in spanish speaking countries, was called atrapado in el tiempo or el dia de la marmota

    2/speaking of rodents, recently i have seen signs of a mouse in my house

    i am reminded of a cartoon by kliban - a cat playing a guitar sings

    love to eat them mousies
    mousies what i love to eat
    bite they little heads off
    nibble on they tiny feet

    3/and speaking of censorship, this cartoon was published in a book in 1975 - the representation of dialect in a burlesque of a blues song today might be denounced as "cultural appropriation" or even as outright racism - to me, a time traveler from the 20th century, it seems amusing and not offensive

    4/and speaking of the viewpoint of old white guys, my fellow septuagenarian american tom engelhardt writes

    must admit that, from time to time, the true madness of our world, of us, gets under my skin. Here we are, once again, doing what we humans seem best at (that is, of course, worst at!): making war. The ongoing events in Ukraine are a catastrophe for humanity and not just for all the obvious reasons: the deaths of tens of thousands, the unsettling of millions, lives ruined, cities wrecked, staggering sums of money invested in killing and destruction. I mean, you know the tale. Who doesn’t after all these centuries?

    But here’s the thing: while that war plays out in devastating headlines daily, the planet itself, only half-noticed, is going down — at least as a habitable place for humanity and so many other species as well....