Monday, April 24, 2023

Because We Are So Stupid, the Prizes in Cracker Jacks Are Now Paper So They Can Be Swallowed, Ladders Spackled with Warnings

Let me for my sake bump Nap down. Last night the first time in seventeen days I typed in digital tablet. I write daily in analog tablet but what I write in analog tablet I will never commit to any self-surveillance programs on any of my self-surveillance devices. As long as I burn all fifty years of analog tablets five minutes before a heart attack I don't know I'm going to have my secrets are safe

I don't do as many anti-crckrchrstrfck/mthrfckng Dmcrts jeremiads (I was Jeremiah ePod before canary weathervane Cassandra fool, before self-surveillance programs and devices, Elric can vouch) here as once (re: I haven't typed one in digital tablet for seventeen days), you think they bore *you* imagine how they bore me, though now that a few of the bothsider punditry seem dimly aware of our shitlord-sponsored crckchrstr authoritarian future delivered in full measure (with feigned regret) by the political party that lamely postures as the anti-crckrchrstr party let me yodel again these crckrchrstr authoritarian fucks are TELLING YOU WHAT THEY'RE GONNA DO TO GAIN AND ENSURE UNASSAILABLE AUTHORITARIAN POWER AND WHAT THEY'RE GONNA DO TO YOU ONCE THAT POWER ENSURED AND SAID FUCKS ARE DOING SO WITH THE FULL COMPLICITY OF THE POLITICAL PARTY YOU VOTE FOR TO PREVENT SAID FUCKS PLANS AND GOALS, dummy

Phew, better

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Dean Young

Because we are so stupid,
the prizes in Cracker Jacks are now paper
so they can be swallowed, ladders
spackled with warnings. No getting
within a hundred feet of Stonehenge because
everyone wants to hack off a souvenir
and the way home is clogged to one lane
so whoever wants to can stare into a pothole
until coming up with a grievance. I’d vote
the greatest accomplishment of mankind
is the pickle spear. God created paradise
to tell us Get out! which is why we probably
created God who doesn’t much like being created
by ilk like us. No wonder it’s pediatrics
every morning and toxicology by happy hour.
Is it all in the mind, the dirty, dirty mind?
Maybe God tried to turn you into a garbage can
so you could be lifted by the truck’s hydraulic
arms and banged empty. Maybe a snow cone
so you could be sticky-sweet and dropped.
Maybe a genital-faced bivalve to be dashed
with Tabasco and eaten whole or, to his glory,
produce a pearl.


  1. i note that in florian maiwald's essay about the possibility of an enlightened anthropocentrism there is discussion of the views of erich fromm

    here are the last paragraphs of his 1964 book The Heart of Man: Its Genius for Good and Evil

    Man’s heart can harden;
    it can become inhuman, yet never nonhuman.
    It always remains man’s heart.
    We are all determined by the fact that we have been born human,
    and hence by the never-ending task of having to make choices.
    We must choose the means together with the aims.
    We must not rely on anyone’s saving us,
    but be very aware of the fact that wrong choices make us incapable of saving ourselves.

    Indeed, we must become aware in order to choose the good —
    but no awareness will help us if we have lost the capacity to be moved
    by the distress of another human being,
    by the friendly gaze of another person,
    by the song of a bird, by the greenness of grass.

    If man becomes indifferent to life there is no longer any hope that he can choose the good.
    Then, indeed, his heart will have so hardened that his “life” will be ended.
    If this should happen to the entire human race or to its most powerful members,
    then the life of mankind may be extinguished at the very moment of its greatest promise.

  2. Were I a bivalve, I'd at least attempt the pearl, and do whatever necessary to not, or forestall, being eaten.