Monday, June 5, 2023

While a Pinned-up PSYOPS Leaflet Declares, *If You Sleep in a Cemetery, You’re Bound to Have Nightmares*

Maybe me and my ennui with me and ennui with me versus the clusterfuck, but it seems to me we tribal anger addicts are being fed less mwork since the limp season finale of Debt Ceiling Doomsday. Summer, yes, and the last summer before next summer which will suck, psyops-wise, I vouch only for me. Here's the latest on my left eye

Even top shitlord psyop idiot savants (and the coding idiot savants that deposit in your eager ear our shitlord psyop idiot savants' daily doses) need vacations too (and not depositing daily doses a daily dose unto itself, yo), why not vacation in June 2023, they'll be busy June 2024. Summer 2024, you think you are being reprogrammed now, wait till next summer, I am telling you three times next summer is gonna suck. Here's the latest on my right eye

Yes, I've been lazy, you haven't noticed but the blogrolls need weeding and the dead or just slumbering need dug out of active rolls and buried in dead rolls, I'll get to it or not, this is both an appealing and frightening development in my damn. Meanwhile, directly below: my review (and current state of my head, I'm happy, it's fantastic and appalling) of the new Pere Ubu album, the funnest, brightest, ubuiest Pere Ubu album since 2013's *Lady from Shanghai,* go bandcamp it now

For instance:

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You will be jailed for protesting Cop City
if you're not first murdered for protesting Cop City
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Tom Sleigh

Out the barred window sandbags
in a sagging wall surround the guard post
where a soldier half-hidden by the flag
holds his rifle on his knees and looks a little lost.

It’s Sunday and quiet, the traffic noise
off aways, the sea behind the post flat as the tarps
pulled tight over the troop trucks.
Somewhere down the hall soldiers are being boys,

telling some joke in Arabic
in which I’m pretty sure I hear the word “zubrak”:
I walk between shelves loaded with canned rations,

the cool expiring slowly in the high-ceilinged room
while a pinned-up PSYOPS leaflet declares,
If you sleep in a cemetery, you’re bound to have nightmares.


No one sees the doll’s decapitated head small
and neat in rubble. Never tired or sleepy,
the head is its own country
obstinately surviving, the pupil

of   its one eye peering through the glass’s pure
transparency. And a few feet away lie its slim, plastic,
long-legged thighs almost like
an obscenity the eye watches over —

no one in the street, nothing but bolt-marks
from tank-treads scarring the concrete
to give any of   it drama — and what

about the way the lips’ frozen smirk
keeps daring me to touch the sexless V
between the thighs staring up at me?

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  1. 1/spouse and self could be described as "formerly had cats" - but they are at their eternal rest in the back yard, and live in our hearts and memories and in the password of our oldest financial account, so in a way they are with us still

    2/my public library gave me access to ebooks of two of the books on cats reviewed in the nyrb essay cited supra

    3/and speaking of cats and my public library, i found a dvd of puss in boots: the last wish on the shelf at the library this morning - in the children's section. to be honest

    wikipedia asserts:


    The film's subject matter and thematic merit have been lauded, receiving critical praise and discourse. It depicts Death as a living antagonist, chasing Puss for his final life. Puss does not defeat Death by combat, however, but instead by learning to accept the inevitability of death, while making sure to live life to the fullest. This metaphor has received critical evaluation and appraisal for its poignancy.