Sunday, July 30, 2023

A Little Piece of Hope Holding Us Together

Sixty-five today. Still one of two charter and permanent seats on MSADI5G, I listen to her now as much as I listen to the other which is to say on birthdays only now, the debts we owe our gods are not a burden. LOTS of songs, many, probably,
dead, here


  1. I've wondered for some time if the vocals were live here:
    Of course, she's been known to mime to TotP, more justified imo by the nature of her performance.
    Artists have on occasion used a backing track and sung live, which I what I thought was the case here; now I'm not so sure.

    1. i hadn't seen this before - thanks - to the extent i can tell, it's either sung live or well-rehearsed

      i recall a remark i read once from someone who sneered at kate - 'too sensitive to live' - then and now, i was angry at the cruel stupidity - once again, for the ten thousandth time, i remember sri krishna's counsel that people have both divine and demonic tendencies

      and i think again of some rabbi's* advice - every traveler needs two pockets - in one carrying a note saying "i am but dust and ashes" - in the other the reminder "the world was created for my sake" - too often people people reach into the wrong pocket

      [*Hasidic master, Rabbi Simcha Bunem - i looked it up]

      as we - the human race - travel towards the apparently inexorable collapse of western civilization, we will need to be alert in our choice of the appropriate pocket's advice at any given moment

      caitlin johnstone [and her co-author, american tim foley] offers us a perspective on daily life in the kali yuga [my phrase, not hers] in today's essay - the money quote might be

      Is it not possible that this way of perceiving life as an endless barrage of brand new miracles is far more attainable than reaching around in the world hoping to brush up against angels and divinity? Is it not possible that the only thing causing us to miss out on this way of experiencing is a series of mental habits that can be willfully deprogrammed through conscious intention?

    2. Pleasure's mine; a friend surprised me with the vid; I'm sure there's more I'm unaware of. This is why I stay for the comments. I'd not before gotten wind of an adverse utterance about KT. The observation of course says as much about the observer, which considering the object of the observation might be a better person than they realize. I allude here to the obverse of being suspiciously well-adjusted to an ailing atmosphere.